Sagittarius is the friends of everyone’s dream

Sagittarius is the friends of everyone’s dream

Friendship is important for each of us. From sharing our happiness to doing the crazy things, from having laughing at irrelevant things to having a shoulder to cry on, friends become a very an integral part of our life.

We surely don’t look for zodiac signs before we get close to someone and make a connection with them. But we are always curious if our friend’s zodiac sign is compatible with ours or not.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, having a Sagittarius friend always spices up your life and brings the element of fun and excitement you need for tomorrow. This is to all the lucky ones who have a Sagittarius' best friend, count yourself lucky.

As a fire sign, they are volatile and crazy all packed in a bundle of fun. They are always running after knowledge and adventure and being with them makes your life movie-worthy. To anyone who has one in their life, go remind them how grateful you are, and to those who are missing out on a Sagittarius, go find yourself one.

These are the four reasons that make Sagittarius the friend everyone needs.

Fun Fun FUN!!

Sagittarius people are all about having fun at all cost. They are always ready to have fun and are always full of ideas on how to make anything dull ten times more interesting. They don’t let their friends or even acquaintances mope in boredom, they always have a fun thing to do that would bring just anybody’s mood on the right track.

Ball of positivity.

This fire sign is full of positive energy. Simply being in their presence can make someone feel motivated and energised. They always look at the bright side in even the darkest of rooms. They always would believe that the future is full of positive things and being with them, one tends to become positive over time. Be it times of failure, or break up, you can always count on your Sagittarius friend to tell you the positive aspect of what you are dealing with.

They understand.

Though it might seem this sign is all about jumping at parties with loud DJ and crazy disco lights, there is more to them than that. They understand like no other can, they listen and dig deeper towards the core of one’s feeling, making the person feel listened and valued. They crave depth in any relationship and would thus often be seen sitting on the terrace slope at 2:04 in the morning and trying to get to know their friend in and out.

Blunt to the core.

They often come as rude, but as a friend, this is a trait highly valued. They tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to. They are always honest and speak what is in their mind. They are big-time bodyguards of the people that matter to them and everything they do and say is to benefit their loved ones.