SAGITTARIUS CAREER : Where They Can Excel?

SAGITTARIUS CAREER : Where They Can Excel?

What do you think will be the best career for Sagittarius? Or the person whom you met yesterday in your workplace was he or she a Sagittarian.

Well, one can easily get these things with astrology.

It helps us knowing persons better & also tells us the best choices or best-suited career one can opt for and the probability where the Sag’s or any other zodiac can found easily.


Astrological aspects of Career:-

Astrology has an impact on each & every area of life. And one such area is a career. With astrology, one can get much insight related to career.

It helps individuals in choosing the career according to their personality i.e. which is best suited for them & in which field they can excel & observe gains the most.

The house that rules career is the 10th house, which is ruled by Saturn.

The ruling planet, house, at the time of your birth will reveal a lot more about the career choices of an individual separately.


Sagittarius Personality & its effects on Career:-

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of zodiac being ruled by Jupiter. They are thinkers, adventurous & traveler of the zodiac.

They tend to be very loyal, generous & just and their generosity can lead them sometimes towards their destruction.

They are also over-optimistic & honest which can make them blunt & arrogant at times.

They tend to search & search deep for everything, they are energetic, spiritual & real truth-seekers, they love freedom utmost ¬ let anyone destroy that.

They are very quick, straight forward & a born leader, and believe in the saying that- “Action speaks louder than words”, and also follows the same.

Their such personality opens up tons of ways & career options to choose from.

But they don’t prefer working under someone as they love their freedom & also are born leaders so they believe in making their own way & leading others.


Best suited Career for Sagittarius:-

The archers being optimistic & traveler of the zodiac search for adventure the most. Also, they are adaptable & can transform themselves well with any situation provided.

So the workplace which constantly evolves them & needs their mind and also is never boring is the best for them.


Few of the careers best suited for Sagittarius are:-

Travel agent:- This sign loves traveling & what could be better than this if they get paid for doing that, so they will love their job of being a travel agent and enjoy it the most.

They can become tour guide as well as they have in-depth knowledge about the places, culture, religion and their food.


Entrepreneur:- As they never want to work under someone, that’s why they make their own kingdom & rule theirs.

 And hence what could be better than CEO as this gives them the chance of ruling and socializing with people also.


Philosophers/Teachers:- Sagittarius tend to think a lot & are deep thinkers, so there are high chances of them becoming the philosopher.

In this profession, they are most likely to get succeed. Also, they love to teach what the knowledge they have to others, and do something for the welfare of others.

That’s why anything which requires gaining and sharing knowledge can also be the best option.


Judge/Lawyer:- Their just, straightforward forward & truth-seeking nature can lead them towards this profession as they are highly passionate about it, and can fight well against wrong.


Politics/Revolutionists:- Their leader like qualities & thrive for leading the world can lead them to the political world.

Also, their love for freedom, quick, action-oriented & straightforward qualities who always desire for change makes them revolutionist & suitable for freedom movements.


Hotel Industry:- Their generous & humanitarian nature paves their way in the Hotel industry, as they are highly experienced one,  by exploring varied cultures and places, they can do a lot better there.

They can found their career in missionaries also as they are sensible, charitable & religious too.

 And will feel relieved, better and connected to themselves when evolving in any such work.


2020 for Sagittarius:-

2020 will be a fruitful year for all Sagittarius as it will bring a lot of opportunities for you at the workplace.

An individual can get success in securing government jobs. Achievements in the business world can also be observed.

Your ruling planet Jupiter is making beautiful consequences for you in career. Students can expect results in their favor, but only after the amount of hard work needed has been put in.

This year you will give more importance to your inner god & will turn inwards rather than outward.

You will try searching the meaning of your life and will connect more with yourself, rather than searching for everything outside. With your focus, you will tend to get one stage up than others.



To conclude this, I will say that Sagittarius can go for any career they want as they are multitalented & have a lot to give.

While a few positions which mentioned above are best suited as per their personality & if opted that, they will be at top of the world & will be known for their work.