Striving ahead in the direction of success is definitely not an easy road to maintain, it takes a lot of effort and thought to reach onto that particular destination. The road to success might be a long one, but refraining from giving up and striving for the better each day is probably how this is all going to work. If one decides to achieve something and is totally dedicated to doing so with all their heart and soul then there is no power that can stop you the achieve the desired goal. We often turn to our parents or elderly for certain suggestions and viewpoints as they are the most experienced people as compared to us. They tend to gives us their views of the situation as they understand the world through a calmer and more patient lens. 


We are all heading towards advancement, aren’t we? Of course, we are and this is a blessing in disguise, as moving into the state of modernity gives more importance and significance to material things. This advent of technology and materialism is not that good of an approach to follow. If one is extremely ambitious and oughts to achieve their desired goal then it is very important to maintain a few values while moving forward. Our parents and our other elderly are extremely successful as they had the patience, ethics, and dignity to achieve that goal of theirs. As for the generation of today, we have huge dreams and high hopes which is quite commendable, but we somehow lack the components required to fulfill those dreams and hopes. We being the faster and hastier generation, we wish to get things done immediately which is not possible.  If one is extremely determined to achieve something in their job or even in terms of business then having a sufficient amount of patience to wait for the result is extremely important. If you expect to achieve everything in a short period of time then trust me, you’ll end up getting disappointed. The skill of impatience is definitely hard to master, but once you get a hack of the same then there’s no stopping you from achieving what you’ve sown. One has to be extremely patient so as to wait for the results and the outcome of your efforts, because if you’ve given a significant amount of your hard work with utmost patience and sincerity then there will definitely be a day which will bring you the results of your sheer handwork and patience. 


As for the opposite, we all know that success does not come overnight, it involves a lot of handwork and patience to achieve your desired ambition. Being passionate is not enough, one needs to excel in their sheets of patience, and if you’re being impatient then you can face a major setback. If one is arriving towards their ambition with an impatient kind of attitude then it will eventually lead to you giving up on your dreams and challenges. If one does not get the desired result in the time span you expected it to then there is a huge possibility of you giving up on your goals dreams for good and this will also be accompanied by depression, anxiety, and a lot of other mental issues.  Not just in terms of your professional life, even if one is impatient in their personal life that may affect you a great deal. This is because being impatient with one of the most important people in your life or with your employees, colleagues, parents, or your partner for that matter, can have a negative effect on your relationship with that particular person. Being impatient acts as the ultimate pitfall for every ambitious person. Moreover, being patient in life can also lead to a better and peaceful frame of mind with a calm and soothing kind of personality. So, all in all, by Accepting and respecting the virtue of patience one can give themselves a certain amount of allowance which can in turn help us to achieve more in less time without pushing and pressurizing ourselves. So, stay calm and focus on your goals through the lens of patience.