Ruchaka yoga and its effects

Ruchaka yoga and its effects

Ruchaka yoga (Mars) is one of the panchmahapurusha yoga along with hamsa yoga (Jupiter), Bhadra Yoga (Mercury), Malavya Yoga (Venus), Shasha Yoga (Saturn). Here Panch means five and purush means man, therefore as the name suggests this yoga is responsible for producing five great kinds of men with supreme qualities. The placement of Mars in the specific house along with the specific signs leads to the formation of Ruchaka Yoga in the Horoscope chart of the native. This particular yoga is said to bless the native with great things in life depending upon the strength of this yoga in the horoscope of the native. Let us explore further on how Ruchaka yoga is formed in the Kundali—

Ruchaka Yoga and its formation in Kundali

The planet Mars when is said to be placed in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn and in one of the Kendra houses namely first house, fourth house, seventh house, and tenth house then Ruchaka Yoga is formed. Mars is exalted in the Capricorn and is the lord of Scorpio and Aries. In the horoscope of an individual, Kendra house is considered to be the pillars are known to be the powerhouse of any horoscope. Planet Mars is when in its own sign or in the exalted sign, then it imparts its qualities of the highest value to the individual making him stand in his power and capable than the rest of the people. This Yoga performs exceptionally well and is said to be auspicious for a person when planet Mars is a functional benefic which means it is the first house in the Kundali of an Aries ascendant, Capricorn ascendant or Scorpio Ascendant. The positioning of planet Mars in the first house and seventh house creates Mangal dosh which in turn makes an individual Mangalik.

This Yoga is considered to be strong in the birth chart of an individual when planet Mars is between 5 and 25 degrees and is not aspected by or is in conjunction with the malefic planets like Ketu, Rahu, and Saturn planets. Also, another thing to be noted here is that the planet should not be in retrograde motion.

Ruchaka Yoga gets activated in the Mahadasha and Antardasha periods, which are major and sub-periods of Mars. The planet Mars is linked with courage, bravery, physical strength, fast action, youth, immunity, reforms, and many other beneficial things. Therefore, an individual having this yoga in his Kundali, as a result, is very healthy, brave, and has great physical strength.

Therefore, the presence of Ruchaka Yoga displays a more favorable outcome in the Kundali of ministers, sportsman, army man, and for people in the real estate business. This yoga makes the individual wealthy and popular, also they are known for their strength and boldness, be it physically or mentally, they are fit.

For instance- If the benefic planet Saturn or Shani as it is famously known, is forming Shasha yoga and is placed in the first house in the Capricorn alongside the Ruchaka Yoga forming planet Mars, then the native is said to achieve exceptional results either as a businessman or as a politician or minister. Though there are chances that such individuals might even succeed in government services especially administrative services. Such a placement is considered auspicious for blessing the individual with power and authority through profession than in the defense services. Thusly, the individual with such positioning in their horoscope are capable of becoming a high rank administrative officer, a politician with lots of authority and power, a revenue officer or any other such authoritative and powerful posts. Now, this happens due to the placement of Saturn or Shani with planet Mars might change the individual and his inclination than to engage in professions demanding more physical and direct aggression, on the flip side he might choose to engage in professions requiring utmost patience and planning, than just aggression. To get to know the effects of the Ruchaka Yoga in the birth chart and life of an individual, take a glimpse below-

Effects of Ruchaka Yoga in the Janam Kundali or Birth Chart

1. The formation of Ruchaka yoga in the horoscope of an individual will give them high authoritative positions like that of a king, owning multiple lands, commander in the army or having a high post in the army as a commander or other government dignitary post, which is respected by influential people.

2. Ruchaka yoga grants the individual with good name, fame, lands, properties, authority, courage, bold attitude, power, a great physique along with a strong mind and sharpness.

3. This yoga gets highly activated and delivers even more sturdy effects during the Antardasha and Mahadasha of planet Mars.

4.  One of the great results delivered by this yoga is that the native will be having a good physical appearance will be privileged to eat delicious food and will be victorious or triumphant in every sector of life.

5. The native is also said to be healthy and courageous. They can perform greatly in occupations like police, sports, military, army, and real estate business or builders.

6. They will not just be blessed with great abundance and wealth but also would get great name and popularity in their life span. They will be known for their boldness and physical as well as sharp mental intellect.

7. Other than this they will be blessed with all the good qualities of planet Mars. Also would be a great friend when in times of need but they are said to be the worst enemies for their foes.

Famous personalities with Ruchaka Yoga

To form an idea about the strengths and good qualities bestowed to an individual with Ruchka Yoga, let us take a look at some of the famous personalities to form a better idea of this yoga in the Janam Kundali of the native-

Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Swami Vivekananda, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Adolf Hitler Karunanidhi, Queen Elizabeth are some of the well-known personalities with Ruchaka Yoga in their Kundali.