Role Of Vedic Astrology and Mahadasha of Planets in Your Life

Role Of Vedic Astrology and Mahadasha of Planets in Your Life

Introduction: Mahadasha and Vedic Astrology

There are three crucial factors are pre-requisite in analyzing, predicting and determine one’s horoscope in Vedic Astrology. They are Patra, Kaala and Dasha meaning the person,  the time period and the place respectively. Kaala a Sanskrit word translates to ‘the planetary time period affecting the life of a person’. This phenomenon is also known as Mahadasha.


There are several dasha systems that have become a part of the Vedic Astrology and have been used as a contextual point of view to examine and examine one’s horoscope. These dashas are Ashtotari, Shodasttotri, and Vimshottari Dasha to name a few.


There are at least 42 dasha systems in Vedic Astrology that are being followed but among them, the most commonly used as a reference is the Vimshottari Dasha for its clarity, accuracy, and profoundness.


In Vimshottari Dasha, every human being has an approximated life for a duration of 120 years. Moreover, the 120 years are further divided into 9 different segments called the Mahadasha, more commonly known as the planetary cycle.


In other words, Mahadasha can be defined as the distribution of the life of a human being for every planet. Each planet has its own fixed number of years for which it takes round and impacts the life of an individual either negatively or positively, depending on their position in the birth or natal chart of the person. The planets namely are Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, and Mars. The combines time period of these planets comes to a total of 120 years therefore its highly unlikely that their Dashas will repeat in a person’s life.


Vedic Astrology can be explained as the Indian and Ancient Science that helps in describing the planetary dynamics as well as placements in accordance with their effects on the human lives and other articles present on the planet Earth. It has been going on for ages and ancient times. In earlier times, Vedic Astrology was just limited to studying the positions of the planets and stars but with changing and modifying times, the concept of Vedic Astrology has changed to include zodiac signs as well in the process.


Planets and Their Mahadashas

Since old times in Vedic Astrology, there is constant mention of the many effects of a planet’s position and dasha on an individual’s life. And each planet has its own Dashas and effects on the individual, his/her life and various life aspects.

So let us discuss the Mahadashas of the planets along with their duration of Mahadasha on a person.


Sun Mahadasha: Sun rules the career in government or politics, keeping all of the three aspects high on achievement level. It goes on for a period of 6 years. It takes the lead of any advancement in the career domain of one’s life along with the fame and level of authority in the society. It is so as to add a certain type of elevation in one’s character. Sun Mahadasha will provide you with great and amazing results if the planet is well placed. But in case it is ill-placed, it will affect the body especially the heart and eyesight and also some severe effects on the abovementioned aspects/fields.


Moon Mahadasha: The planet Moon is the governer of the prosperity and emotions, the thinking process, etc. for a span of 10 years. When the moon is well placed, one will receive immense emotional, mental and physical peace as well as well-being. Any aspect related to heart and emotions like romance or marriage will also receive a  high level of significance. In case the moon is not well placed, then there will occur health problems like lethargy, cold/cough, insomnia, etc.


Venus Mahadasha: This Mahadasha goes on for a period of 20-years and rules luxuries, beauty and entertainment. Individuals who are of the arts and entertainment field. When it is positioned well the level of happiness and pleasantness becomes vital for one’s life. When afflicted, love alliance and marriage will end badly along with loss in the money.


Jupiter Mahadasha: Jupiter rules for a period of 16 years. It focuses on the good fortune and increases wisdom in an individual. Well placed and this planet will make things easy in life. Overall, the time period will be smooth and rewarding. Several disorders and health-related problems such as blood circulation, asthma, and diabetes, etc will cause major issues.


Rahu Mahadasha: The period of Rahu runs for a duration of 18 years and highly unlikely to occur again. If badly placed, this planet will bring blood-bath and ruin every aspect of your life, you might even face death. But when well placed the planet gives blessings, achievements, and success. The person reaps the rewards or punishments of his/her previous life.


Ketu Mahadasha: Ketu has a time period of 7 years and is said to be the planet that has spiritual guidance and detaches one from materialistic beings or things. It showers you with losses, sorrows, and miseries in life for that period of time. When in complementing houses, it provides spiritual and good results with some out of the world experiences. But the outcomes and results may vary from individual to individual.


The above-mentioned and discussed planets are the most vital and crazy Mahadasha that affect the person in most aspects, not to deny the fact that Mars, Mercury, and Saturn Mahadasha are also a part of the Vedic Astrology and equally responsible for explaining the effects of the Mahadashas in a person’s life.



Conclusion: Mahadasha is a part of early and ancient Vedic Astrology which describes the effects of the various planets on the life of an individual. There are very many Dasha systems that explain the life happenings and occurrences whether negative or positive. The combined Mahadasha period of the planets according to Vedic Astrology is of 120 years and to think that it is going to repeat is highly unlikely.