Earlier, our ancestors liked to gaze up the sky and the stars. The people of the past were astonished while they looked up in the air in the night and were awestruck because of the movements of stars and planets. Therefore the ancestors started observing and recording them for their further information. 

There was an astrologer named Solon. He admitted that the recording of stars and the planets started almost nine thousand years early; he was born. Therefore we can conclude that the practice of astrology has been in existence from the past about nine thousand years ago. One can say that astrology is the oldest system prevailing from a very long duration. It was believed that astrology was born in Mesopotamia. Later the astrology principles have spread across various of the ancient world. The astrology stepped on the land of Egyptians than to Greece from China. 

In the ancient calculations, the astrologers found that the constellations of stars we're moving from one place to another. So they named them as "Wanders."  Today we call them planets. The people of the ancient period thought these wanders we're gods. So they quoted them as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. According to the scientist's explorations, the Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered in the years of 1781,1846 and 1930, respectively. Eventually, the actions of the Sun and the Moon were traced. This laid to the basis for astrology. Everyone would show much interest in the predictions and results that come as the outcoming of the movements of various planets. Now let us have a look at them.




The Sun is seen as the most sacred planet in the complete solar system. Of course, the Sun is called the " father of the solar system." When seen astrologically, the Sun stands in the middle and has extreme power over all other planets. The different planets rotate around the Sun, which has an ultimate effect on the life that exists on the planet mother Earth. The planets revolve around the mighty Sun with massive gravitational force. The rays of the Sun are said to excite the innermost spirit of human beings. The Sun was depicted as the soul of human beings. Coming to the Indian Vedic Astrology, the Sun has been given a most critical position where the lives on Earth are affected widely due to its location in the space. It was believed that the placement of the Sun would determine various parameters in a person's life like his/her financial issues, issues related to the occupation; money is also taken into accountancy. The astrology stresses the fact that the Sun can hold responsible for the proper working of various parts of the human body like eyes, stomach, chest, lungs, heart, brain, and bones. The usually felt diseases given by Sun are headache, bone weakness, baldness, heart problems, epilepsy, weak eyesight, etc.

Now let us know about the different roles of various planets of the solar system in human lives.


●    MOON:


Moon is called the Queen of the solar system. In Vedic astrology, it was recognized that the MoonMoon stands accountable for the natural mental power. The MoonMoonis held as a representative for joy, peace, and enthusiasm in one's life. One can enjoy prosperity and peace if the Moon shows his right side on the individual's life. 


●    MARS:

Generally, any person will have a strong passion for something in his or her life. Scholars say that this Mars is responsible for various happenings in any individual's life. Like marriage is one important factor that usually depends on the position of Mars. Therefore, before the wedding, it is quite essential to check both the girl's and boy's horoscope and check for their matching percentage. If it doesn't match then, such marriage can later lead to divorce or any other disturbances in their lives.




Jupiter is seen as a guru in Indian Astrology. This is because Jupiter is the hugest planet in the complete solar system. It was noticed that the planet Jupiter is responsible for education, wealth, wisdom, happiness, and the knowledge he or she gains in his or her life. Therefore the Jupiter is glimpsed as a highly beneficial planet that would bring a great fortune in an individual's life.



●    SATURN:

According to Hindu astrology, the Shani means that which moves slowly. Therefore the planet Saturn has received that name due to its movement in the solar system. The astrology speaks out that Saturn is the planet that takes almost two and a half years to cross a zodiac sign. However, Saturn is also a bigger planet that has been a considerable distance from our planet Earth. Therefore due to these conditions, we find him moving him extreme slowly.



●    VENUS:

The Venus planet deals with parameters like love, romance, sex, music, beauty, dance, and any other recreational sources. Philosophers call this planet as the morning star. This planet is believed to bring colossal wealth, knowledge, and prosperity along with some other relations like love, etc. 




Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Everyone calls this planet as Budh that stands for cleverness. This planet affects intelligence, humor, or with. 



●    RAHU:

The planets Rahu and Ketu are termed as invisible planets. Astrology pipes up that both planets are potent enemies for both the Sun and Moon. If Rahu is well placed, then the individual would undergo great prosperity and wealth, and in the reverse case, that would result in arrogance and jealousy mindset of that person. Here the diseases caused due to this planet are mainly fever, paranormal activities, restlessness, leprosy, and snake bites.



●    KETU:

Both planets Rahu and Ketu are at a position of 180 degrees apart. They are seen to be parts of the same demon. Astrologers explain that the planet Rahu is the enemy to the almighty planet, the Sun. Whereas Ketu has enmity with the planet MoonMoon. Here the Ketu stands at the South Lunar Node. The friendly planet for Ketu is Mercury. Whereas Jupiters stands to be the neutral planet for Ketu. General diseases caused by this planet are restlessness and tension in human beings.