Role of Numerology in astrology and what it says about your personality?

Numerology is the mystical study of numbers (as pointed out by the name). Just like astrology is the study of celestial bodies. Just like the celestial bodies are responsible for different personalities, attributes, and events. The numerology studies numbers to get the idea of traits and human behavior. The relationship between astrology and numerology is highly discussed. Numerology is a great companion of astrology. Numerology enhances the way you express yourself.

Numerology is a more widely accepted theory that seems more logical. Every single digit that contains numbers and that belongs to your tarts making more sense. It compels you to see patterns everywhere. Numerical representation has been around for a very long time. Ancient Egyptian civilization has shown signs for the use of numbers to describe a person.

There have been a lot of theories about the emotional representation of numbers. When astrology is connected with numbers, there is a concept of path number (also known as destiny), and as we know about destiny. Life path number is simply a number that is summed up with the use of your birthdate. If you are new to numerology, it seems very similar to astrology, because it can do everything astrology is used to do, with the help of numbers. With the advancement of such fields of work, it is not a surprise that your number has something in stock to tell about your personality. Once you’ve found your legit “lucky number” with the help of your birth date, you can predict all sorts of things using that number.

And if we are talking about astrology and numerology in the 21st century there is surely no way we don’t mention the online services. We know that the services of astrology can be used through various online platforms nowadays, and the functions like predicting future events, personality traits, and your current horoscope can be accessed by sitting at home using the internet. Even the kundali matching for marriages and reading of Janampatri can also be done online.

Numerology is another field that is now available online and just by entering your numbers, you can know everything about your personality, and what the numerology has to say about you. After attaining your information, the software has already saved charts and calculations by which they can quickly come up with your unique prediction.

Surely numbers are technical in the game and our personality has much more in stock other than being judged by numbers, and again, the date of our birth and the time of our birth merely only numbers to us and they certainly cannot hold a high value in terms of judging our personality.

Numerology is a metaphysical science and it has not been completely proven by the researchers. This fieldwork has some framed equations to trace the personality of a person with the use of the Lifepath number. The single-digit number is used to talk who you are, numerology.

Using numbers has been revolutionizing in the history of humans, numbers gave a path to some mind-blowing discoveries and, the advancement of the world can never be imagined without numbers. Humans have been measuring everything through numbers for ages and it is not a surprise if your personality is measured through numbers or numbers are used to describe you, but some people need to understand that using numbers is not enough to have the correct vision of your personality. It is certainly much more than that.

The concept of numerology does not have its origins in the west, and the Indian Vedic astrology was not concerned with numbers until this concept was introduced in India. There is no Indian classical reference to this terminology. For about 5000 years, India has its Vedic astrology system based on purely the positions of planets and celestial bodies and the record of date and time. The recent upsurge of numerology and its importance has its credits to numerologist Mr. Sanjay B Jumaani, who has become a celebrity numerologist, swears that numerology can have a significant impact on destiny. Numerology can trace its origins to Jewish/Christian religious history.

Some people also claim that the western numerology has made the ancient traditional numerology of Vedic astrology less popular. The Indian Vedic numerology doesn’t deal with numbers directly but, it has the attributes of personality grouped among numbers.

Our personality is not the sum of the numbers that we obtain from our birth, and they are not there to decide our personality traits. Personality can be modified and developed throughout our life. Our past experiences, our upbringing, our environment has a huge impact on our personality, more than our birth numbers. The people who blindly follow the number system to get a hold on their personality are not wise enough to look in the matter themselves, these people need rapid change to their negativities and they use numerology for this.

The use of numbers has its disadvantages. Making people overconfident and depressed is one of the things. It may not be true but, the people who believe in it can lose all of their hope or they can acquire fake and dangerous confidence into them by the results given by their numbers for their personality. The population believing this is still high throughout the world and it makes is necessary for us to increase the quality of this institution. The use of numbers to change a person’s personality for better can be a very beneficial thing.

A person can never be judged on his numbers, but his numbers do have many things to say about him. Keeping a luck number is never a bad thing but relying upon that number for your personality is not good either. No one can blindly believe what their numbers have to say about them. Our personality is our possession, and not in the hands of our birth numbers which can never be changed. If a person is wise enough, he knows the potential of his personality and will never let certain numbers take over his personality.

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