Role of Ketu in 12 houses of Janam Kundli

Role of Ketu in 12 houses of Janam Kundli

Ketu plays a crucial role in a person's Janam Kundli and its presence in different houses of kundli give results in different effects. Let us understand in detail how its presence brings significant positive and negative changes in the life of the native.

Ketu in 1st House-

When Ketu resides in the first house of a person, the native usually has a mysterious personality and there’s often something is hidden in what you do and speaks. People find trouble in understanding but still attracted towards you because of your mysterious, charismatic magnetic personality. They are self-centered and greedy by their nature

Ketu in 2nd House-

The presence of Ketu in the 2nd house can bring both positive and negative results. When it resides in a positive position, the native shows a great interest in gaining different sorts of knowledge and shares a serious perspective towards life.

However when Ketu is in a negative position, it brings disorders and problems in learning. The person suffers from eye-related issues and always struggle to maintain cordial relationships with their closed one’s

Ketu in 3rd House-

The presence of Ketu in 3rd house makes a person active and courageous. Native have a bent towards spiritual activities and there’s also a possibility of sudden gains and monetary benefits. The person gains name and fame in religious areas with the act of kindness and charity.

The negative presence of Ketu affects the health and longevity of the native and their relationships with their colleagues and business partners.

Ketu in 4th House-

The person feels highly pessimistic with the presence of Ketu in the 4th house and also can take them away from their motherland. There can be a lot of long-distance journeys and it can also affect the health of the native mothers. he/she may face a lot of family-related issues and always have a distorted mindset.

Ketu in 5th House-

When Ketu is present in the 5th house, the native has a strong inclination towards philosophy and fluent in learning new things. They are quick to learn new concepts and focus on religious spirituality.

There's a lack of emotional satisfaction and natives can face obstacles in their life. Ketu in 5th house can also bring problem-related to bearing an offspring

Ketu in 6th House-

The house represents conflicts and enemies and also indicates the kind behavior of native but the presence of Ketu makes Native vulnerable to major injuries and accidents. The placement of Ketu brings obstacles and badly affects the personality of the native. It causes a lack of happiness and mental peace. They are involved in shady activities and criminal acts.

Ketu in 7th House-

7th house is the house of marriage and other bindings like business relationships. Placement of Ketu in the 7th house is not considered auspicious as it brings a lot of trouble in married life. The person seems to have an irritable partner who tends to remain secretive. The poor communication between couples causes a lot of indifference and often results in verbal fights. Besides this, they also have a chance of more than one marriage which also gives rise to the issue of infidelity.

Apart from personal life, the presence of Ketu also hampers professional life. There could be conflicts and they may not be able to gain enough profits.

Ketu in 8th House-

The 8th house of My represents the mystery, magic, gains, property and health and when Ketu resides in the house it brings them closer to realms of the metaphysical world. They are attracted towards the mystery of life and there's a strong chance that person opts for occultism as their profession.

Along with positivity, the presence of Ketu also brings the negativity. There are high chances that the person suffers from major health issues and prone to unfortunate events.

Ketu in 9th House-

The 9th house indicates the travel, fortune, luck, and spiritual aspects of natives. When positively located in the 9th house, the house can make a person inclined toward spiritual deeds and make a person dedicated and serious about their religious beliefs. However, it also makes them behave in an orthodox manner. Even the positive position of Ketu is not completely positive for the person as it can affect the health of the father in a major sense. The longevity of father is affected and the native may also have a serious issue with their siblings when Ketu is afflicted

Ketu in 10th House-

The 10th house of Janam kundli represents the career and profession of the person and talks about the growth, fame, and stability in life-related to their work and profession.

When Ketu is positive in the 10th house, it can bring success in the career of natives and can make them gain power and wealth. They have a deep intellectual personality and strong influence over others.

But if the Ketu is negative in the horoscope, it can make a person go mad and foolish. Their temperament becomes negative and pessimistic. The person becomes extremely proud of whatever they do. They lack mental peace and suffer from unfortunate events in their life

Ketu in 11th House-

This house strongly represents the wealth of the natives. 11th house in Janam kundli talks about the prosperity and good health of the native. The social circle of life also falls under the same house. When Ketu is placed in the 11th house of the person, it usually brings positive results and the person easily comes out of negative situations. Native has an inclination towards spiritual activities. They are known for their kind behavior and the charities they do. People also receive a lot of appreciation for their dedication to their work.

Ketu in 12th House-

It is a house of mystery, secrets, and fears. If Ketu resides in the 12th house of kundli, the person shows detachments from the materialistic world and indicates the inclination towards spirituality. Ketu tends to provide positive results to natives as it is a natural significator of 12th house thus it brings a sense of positivity in them.  The presence of Ketu makes the native attracted to mystery and science. The natives share an introverted personality and they enjoy isolation to avoid any drama.