Role of Indian Astrology in predicting your profession

Role of Indian Astrology in predicting your profession

Profession Prediction is indeed a very significant part of astrology by birth date. If you don't select a suitable profession, your professional career will be difficult. Accomplishment and contentment are not easy for you.

So now, from an astrological viewpoint, I will examine the profession.

We may split the astrology of our careers or Kundali reading into two parts- Choosing the right career and Career success. However, prediction of the profession is not a simple task. In the old days, there were only a few occupations, like medical, engineering, law or teaching, etc. Now, however, career opportunities are considerably greater than before.

Main Houses for Career Forecast

Your tenth house and its ruler are the main elements for career and professional checks. The tenth house seems to be the chart's strongest dynamic house. It belongs to Artha Trikon.

The second house following the tenth house should also be examined. This shows the household asset, wealth buildup.

The sixth house shows Job. So, if you are a worker, you also have to check for the sixth house. The sixth house also shows competitiveness, work ethic, routine, and other things.

The House of Triumph and Profit is the eleventh house. So, it is impossible to achieve prosperity in the profession without the assistance of the 11th house and 7th house if you're in trade or self-employment, you must consider examining the seventh house.

We must examine the second house, sixth house, tenth house, and eleventh house of your zodiac for Professional life in Jobs. For a business career, you must examine your second house, seventh house, tenth house, and eleventh house.

Role of Celestial bodies in Career Astrology

The tenth house must be verified with Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in the Professional Forecast.


The Sun depicts health and physical vigor. If you are powerful intellectually and physically, you can succeed.


It represents speech, intellect, expression, and so on. It also means nerves. For career success, you need to be good at everything aforesaid and you must be diplomatic, too.


It refers to knowledge and riches. If we need our effort to get a strong pay packet, we should have a strong Jupiter. Jupiter's wisdom is always necessary to reach a major decision.


Saturn is the ultimate signifier of the professional aspects of an individual. Saturn governs the tenth house.  Saturn would offer you hard effort and persistence.

These aspects must not be impaired or weakened in Navamsa to make your career pleasant and joyous. In the tenth house, there must be no weakened, disturbed, or hostile planet. If there's a fragile Planet in the tenth house, you will face trouble or you won't get the significant outcome, success, reputation, and recognition.

Career options depicted by several Planetary bodies:

Sun: Healthcare, Management, Government Jobs, Pharmacists, Political Services, etc.

Moon: Hospitality Administration, Marine Engineering or Navy, Transportation, HR Management, Nurse, Government Job, Community Services, etc.

Mars: Security, Armed Forces, Surgeons, accountants, Engineering, etc.

Mercury: finance, all types of the banking industry, journalism, publishers, lawyers, advertising, etc.

Jupiter: Education, Lecturer, Jury, Religious Advisor, Instructor, General Speech, etc.

Saturn: Industrial steel and iron, management of enterprises, low profile employment, mines, etc.

Venus: Musical, artwork, paintings, creativity, healthcare, etc.

Ketu: Data analysis labor, pharmaceuticals or medical, technology, etc

Prediction of the profession through the presence of signs in the tenth planet

The constellation in the tenth house is also significant for the forecast of the profession by birth date. There are four types of signs in Indian Astrology: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth signs:

Air Sign:

Airy sign: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are rational signs. When your tenth house is Airy Sign, you are excellent at academic professions or careers in organizing, teaching, analysis, innovative research, writers, and philosophers.

Water Sign:

If your 10th house contains water signs, i.e., Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, healthcare professions, navy, hospitals, etc., would be extremely suitable for you. You will change your profession very often if you have most planets in the water signs.

Fire Sign:

Fiery signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These signs are excellent for any job to be performed. So, you may pick a career in security, military, technology and heavy industries, etc. when your tenth home has a Fiery Sign. If you have most of the planets in fiery signs, you will advance your hard effort in your profession.

Earth Sign:

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorns are earthy signs.   These signs are generally applicable for routined work. So, if your 10th house contains Earthy signs, you may choose a profession in the farming, agricultural, commercial, financial, etc. If Earthy signs are dominant in your diagram, you will get manual tasks thru a career.