Many people go through heartbreaks and that is labelled to be normal. Sometimes the reasons might be petty while the other times it might be something really serious. This happens as some relationships are personal, some professional while some to define marriages, a social convention. The reasons for heartbreaks are plenty. It can be just a separation, failure of a relationship, rejection and many more. All these apparently, disturb your mental peace causing psychological paralysis and hamper a lot more than just that. Even though the duration of heartbreak might seem never-ending, it will behave as a catalyst in your life and help drastically in personal growth.

Here are some ways that will help you understand the pros of heartbreaks:

Heartbreak teaches you to set your standards:

When in love, you become love-struck and go to great lengths to make your partner happy and satisfied, even if it means to get out of comfort zone. But once you are separated from that person, you feel as though an integral part of yourself is lost and you might feel dysfunctional. The feeling is normal because that is the amount of yourself you have given to your partner. But all these won’t last long and you will bounce back once you start realizing your worth and set some standards for yourself.

Heartbreak helps you review your intrinsic needs:

In a relationship, you tend to explore your wants and needs better. You realize the right way to communicate with your partner and relaying your exact message to them in terms of the basic needs, wants and what your priorities are. After a heartbreak, you will be able to understand your defensive reaction patterns and emotional reactivity that might have instigated the breakup.

Heartbreak helps you to learn to create boundaries:

Once you are hurt, you will realize that you cannot fill anything from an empty cup. You will have experienced many things and feelings which will make you matured and will help you in prioritizing your important things. It will help you in focusing on self-reliance and individual independence. After facing a heartbreak you tend to rediscover your inner beauty and learn to love yourself.

Learning heartbreak is not the end:

You will generally start doubting yourself after a heartbreak. However, all this is likely to lower your self-worth which is just not right.

Heartbreak is an opportunity which can help you start everything from scratch and also reassess yourself. You start exploring the artistic side and engage in your hobbies more than before. Remember that heartbreak can actually make you a better and improved version of yourself. Treat heartbreak like a way of life and do not consider them to be the end of the world.

Heartbreak teaches empathy:

The next step after healing yourself is to start thinking things that went wrong in the relationship. This will allow you to put yourself in other person’s shoes and think. It will help you to empathize as well. The pain that heartbreak brings will make you a wiser and more generous person in general. You will learn from all the pain and might even end up helping someone who is going through something similar in life. You can motivate others as well. You will become a compassionate person.

Heartbreak teaches you to be alone:

When in a relationship, your life revolves around your partner and you tend to do things together most of the time. All the memories and attachment makes it hard for you to accept being alone after a heartbreak. However, take heartbreak as an opportunity to know yourself and spend time with yourself. Your mind will feel free and this will help you focus on your goals. Spend time with your friends and live your life to the fullest. Remember that it is always better to stay alone rather than being with someone bad for you.

Heartbreak teaches you that your happiness Is in your hands:

The initial phase of heartbreak can be tough since you struggle to live without the presence of that special someone. You feel broken and weak. However, heartbreak will teach you that you cannot let your emotions be controlled by someone else. You need to pull up your socks and be responsible for your won happiness. Do what makes you happy.