Rise Of A Scorpio

The rise of a Phoenix from its ashes, or the ascendant of Scorpio, both is relatable. You have keen animal instincts, a deeply instinctual nature. You have a passionate nature and access to forces can help in the healing and regeneration of yourself and society.            

The intuitions know where other’s pain or weakness lies and thus can be a natural healer. 

You can be a true enemy if the energies are directed towards conflict. Keys to fulfilling the conflicts is to trust and follow your instincts and focus on the will upon positive intents. 

If Scorpio is ascendant then, that simply tells Scorpios’ rise from the ground at the time of the birth. 



Scorpio ascendants are daring, intense, energetic, determined and hard work to succeed. You have a magnetic capacity for self-confidence and self-transformation personality traits.  

You have a constant feeling of a need to be in control. Being a Scorpio ascendant you always take the tough way to success. Eager and determined to prove your worth, you are impatient.

Difficult situations encourage you even harder to pursue the goals and targets. Water sign is capable of solving any challenges that come in the way. And you never accept defeat rather fight for victory.

You are guarded, wary and have trust issues with others’ intentions. You only make friends with those who make you believe in their loyalty and trustworthiness. On being cheated, you become defensive and have a hard time forgiving them. 

You are passionate partners in love and are devoted wholeheartedly with their significant other. Talking about romance you are prone to controlling behavior and be jealous. 

You are very much interested in research works. Scorpios are more concerned with discovering hidden things. You are more into fights kind of person who is very quiet without expressing.


Physical Appearance Of Scorpio Ascendants

Physically, you are not strong and healthy and have strong and wide shoulders. Overall, you have a well-built body structure that is not harmed by anything. You have a very attr1 smile with a square face and clear cut features.  

Lips are very sensual with penetrating and attracting eyes. Talking about hair, then you often have brown and thick hair.

With a charming personality and powerful personality conveys seriousness at the same time. Scorpio knows it’s strength and limits for provoking. You never like the concept of being too bright in order to demand other’s acceptance.

You have the nature of keeping secrets that are hiding emotional feelings. You generally prefer seriousness and being sober. Of all the colors, you are more interested in red and black colors.


Health Of Scorpio Ascendants

With extreme physical and mental pain, you are likely to suffer from more or less severe accidents. You have very strong health. 

There is a possibility that you might undergo some surgical operations and some small repairs. You have a very innate quality to recover from any bad or difficult experience. 

You should be careful regarding any carelessness related to sexuality. Be it the reproductive organs, the sex, the prostate gland, the anus, and the intestines. In order to avoid the worst, you must take serious precautions.

Because of not expressing emotions and feeling you might suffer from Psychosomatic disorders. Another weak point is your intestines and pancreas which are more 1. You may also suffer from constipation and digestive problems. 


Food Of Scorpio Ascendants

You need replenished energy so you have a quite hearty appetite. You are advised for a diet rich in proteins, and not to forget vegetables and fruits. 

You should maintain a perfect balance between your nutrition intake. You must take beetroot, onion, parsley, potato, rice and green vegetables. 


Scorpio Ascendants Career

You are not much interested in money and generous regarding money. You want only so much money to fulfill your basic needs. Being risk-takers, you are very much of a financial helper.

On risking you are a little expensive and luck always favors you. You are very dedicated and hardworking at the workplace and the tasks. Giving the best you might not find it comfortable working with coworkers.

You like working alone on projects without a team or other’s help. You like praising at the workplace and shine with bright colors. Being excellent at the workplace, you are good leaders and are attracted by high positions.

You have a dominating and egoistic nature which is why you like working alone. You are very much proud of your success and achievements in the professional field. 


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