All we all know that many people believe in matching kundlis before marriage in order to have a perfect and auspicious marriage between two people but the main reason over matching kundlis or the guns in the kundli is to overcome the marital issues which the couple might face in the future.


Thus, it is necessary that the gunas of the couple to be married be more than 18 from 36 to call it an auspicious marriage. Many people do not believe in all these and later they tend to thrive there partners mad but many people do believe in it and have chosen their partners according to irrespective of holding a mentality of changing their own “Bhagya” or fate by the decisions they intend to make.


Even though it might not get that precise but the astrology has the answer to all the questions of the new progressive world in which we have been living for ages. The marital issues are the common state of problems that people do face when they marry someone extremely opposite to themselves.


There might be a possibility that out of 1000 marriages 1 might be lucky enough to overcome the problems by their nature, attitude and cooperation but there are a lot of people out there who are still struggling with the marital issues but we are here to provide appropriate solutions for them.



Saptam bhav --

This is the strange combination of houses among the 1st house below the 7th house. The saptam bhav states the kind of terms we will have without a partner in our future relationship and what will be their attitude and nature towards us.

Different planets conflicting the 7th house states different problems in the marital life of a couple and these are them:-

1. If the sun is in the 7th house than the saptam bhav is very strong in that person’s marital life. The person tends to have an aggressive nature and a hard attitude over their partners.

2. If the moon is in the 7th house then the person might get a good partner but very emotional one and many people might get annoyed by them getting emotionally weak all the time as this is what they think.

3. If the mangal is in the 7th house then the person might get the partner who has conflicting nature and are truly arguing with their mates and fighting for no reason but just to prove them right.

4. If the shani (Saturn) is in the 7th house then the person might be responsible but due to the influence of the planet the person might get married a bit late and even the partner might be a bit lazy than usuals.

5. If the ketu is in the 7th house then the person will not have the willpower to get married due to the influence of the planet over the person’s nature and so if these people who got married will be facing circumstances.

6. If the venus is having the influence along with the other planets like rahu, saturn and jupiter than it seems that the couple will face serious issues.



People have to match their kundlis before marriage and they have to take these thing in their mind. If they have missed matching the kundlis than they need to visit an astrologer and perform certain advanced rituals accordingly to ensure that the influence of the planets is not strong as before. There are certain solutions which are provided here for the reference of the people.


1. People have to keep using more and more things related to planet venus as the planet is the prime energy of the 7th house and is the most influenced one. Thus, it helps the couple to decrease the issues in their marital life.

2. One of the ritual is to worship the cow as the planet is related to it. If the person intends to serve the cow for at least 3 months then there will be a changed observed in their marital life.

3. If the influence of mangal or mars is strong on the married couple than one need to wear something red in their daily life basis as the color is strongly related to the planet and will help them to lower their influence.

4. For lowering the influence of the sun, people need to donate wheat every Sunday as the sun is related to the bitter taste and that day of the week.

5. If one has a strong influence of the moon than they need to worship Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati every Monday and also have to do fasting on that day.