Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting Mantras

Remove Vastu Defects by Chanting Mantras

When the house is built with no proper guidance and perfect alignment among the position of the rooms, there might be significant negative influence on the people because of that particular error. It is scientifically proved that the position of the rooms in the house can have different impact on different people because of the waves it produces. The negative ways seem to follow from one direction to another and any disturbance in the flow will affect the family at home.

According to the Vedic history, the Vastu is completely dominated by the position of the directions. Each person reacts differently towards the alignment of the construction of the house. The longitude and the latitude play a vital role in the prosperity of the person. Depending on the owner’s horoscope and zodiac details, it is vital for the person to build the house or choose the house that can support their zodiac.

The Vedic astrology emphasis on the importance of having the precise positions for the location of the bedroom, the kitchen, the hall and the prayer room. These are key factors of the housing construction. The building of the house may already have a great deal of defects which might be minor or major but either way they will have a great impact on the family residing there. If the building is built for office work, the prosperity of the company is at stake if the position of the alignment or the Vastu is not right. The company and their employee will be affected by the negative impact.

Vastu is said to be very powerful subject of cosmic energies that impact people depending on the directions and the positions. The unique positions focus on making the owner and their family’s life prosperous and successful. It is very essential to check the Vastu before construction of the house. According to the Vastu instructions, the four key directions, north, south, east and west is the key orientations of the Vastu checking.

The Vastu Shastra states that the northeast position is the receiving hands. This corner brings luck and the charm for the family. It is very much advised that this corner should have the treasure holder or the office room where the perfect deals are taken place. this corner will bring money and financial growth to the family. It is not supposed to be taken so easily. The family should also make sure the southwest is closed and tightly packed. Else it is said that the luck will walk away from that corner. The family has to follow simple rules to make sure their construction brings laurels to the family.

Vastu Shastra is the bridge that brings harmony and peace to the family. It impacts everything that goes into the house. It is not easy to find the perfect house with precise positions. An astrologer has to be visited before the construction of the house. The individual horoscope of every family member will be matched so that no person will be negatively influenced by the positions. Some positions might clash the father and the son of the family. It has to be checked and verified so that the family will have no obstacles they cannot overcome.

What is the remedial Vastu mantra?

These days, not everyone can build a house on their own. Searching a house with perfect Vastu is very difficult as there are other parameters that hinder the search. People got to adjust to whatever house they get in their search. It is not easy to overcome the negative influence of Vastu. But there are many steps that could be taken to eradicate the negative impact of the Vastu defect.

There is one unique mantra in the Vedic astrology that is used for centuries to eradicate the Vastu dosh. “ Namaste Vaastu Purushaay Bhooshayyaa Bharat Prabho|Madgriham Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samriddham Kuru Sarvada|” this is the mantra that helps to erase the Vastu dosh in the house. This mantra has to be chanted with utmost dedication and belief. This mantra has to be prayed every day and chanted for 18 times a minimum. It is essential for bringing peace and harmony which can lead to success eventually. This mantra has proved to spread positivity in the house and eradicate any form of negative aura.

Lord Ganesh is the most powerful god of beginnings. The house might have many defects but praying to Lord Ganesh will help to erase the negative impact on the family. Chanting OM everyday in the mornings and the evenings for almost 108 times every day will completely remove evil influences, negative impact on the family. OM is the most powerful mantra that can bring peace and prosperity to the home. It also spreads immense positive energy and good thoughts. It is very beneficial to eradicate any form of Vastu Dosh.

The Ganesh pooja is the best pooja that can bring prosperity to the house. The Ganesh pooja involves the owners of the house and their family to be seated at the pyre and the priests perform pooja for approximate three hours. The powerful mantras are read from the Vedic scripts and the house is filled with pyre smoke which can eradicate any form of Vastu dosh. Anything related to Lord Ganesh is the perfect answer for removing Vastu Dosh.

Another long ritual that will remove the Vastu dosh is the Navagrah Shanthi pooja. This pooja involves praying to the nine gods or the nine holy planets. Every horoscope is ruled by the nine planets and each of them have a unique impact in the seeker’s life. The Vaastu dosh is claimed to be the reaction in between the ruling planets of the seeker and the position of the house.

Doing this pooja will calm the reaction between the planets and the positions and unities them both. This pooja makes the bridge between the prosperity and the horoscope planets. This way the Vastu dosh is eradicated and the family lives with no hindrances.