Remedies to fight the dreadful Coronavirus disease

Remedies to fight the dreadful Coronavirus disease

In the current scenario, you all have been aware of the situation that we are all facing with the sudden outbreak of the dreadful disease coronavirus that has affected the people and has turned the world upside down throughout the globe.

Well, such viruses have always been in air floating. Don’t you think so? Are you thinking when these kinds of viruses existed, why this disease that has spread widely across the globe is so dangerous and how can we get cured or be not affected by the pandemic disease?


How to use Ban Tulsi to help fight the virus 

1. Take a glass of warm water
2. Use a pinch of Ban Tulsi and mix that in water.
3. Mix them well and consume it empty stomach every day.
4. Make sure to not consume anything for at least 40 minutes after having the mixture.

This helps in boosting immunity and fighting extreme viruses and infections.

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If those are the questions for which you are searching for answers, here you will find some interesting information which will answer most of your questions.

Coronavirus disease – what exactly?

Coronaviruses are a type of virus which are of different kinds and cause some diseases or illness ranging from common flu to severe diseases to death. The diseases like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV are some of the diseases which are caused due to CoV, but the current type of disease is novel CoV and that has not been found in the human body before.


How did it start? The coronaviruses are animal transmissions, yes, the virus is transferred between animal and human. It has also been researched that several coronaviruses are circulating within the animals and have not yet infected human beings.

Symptoms of coronavirus disease

How do you know, if it is the deadly virus that one has been affected with? The symptoms are not very specific but very common to the normal flu and fever. This, in turn, aggravating the health condition shortness of breath, breathing difficulties. And in some severe cases, the infection causes pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure or death.

General remedies

As the virus is an airborne disease, one should always be careful of coming in contact with the affected person. There have been no official reports that there is a specific medicine to get rid of the disease or get cured in no time.

But there are a few remedies that are commonly asked to be considered for self-protection from the deadly disease.

Should stay away from the affected people and not travel to the countries that are affected. Make sure you are not sneezing into others but into tissues in your hands. Wash your hands on a regular basis, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth without cleaning your hands.

Now that you know all about the dreadful coronavirus disease, we will explore the section where there is a turning point for this fearful virus.

What do you think it could be? Have you heard of Ayurveda? The natural home of viruses which will cure the fearful virus.

Interesting, isn’t it? Yet there is no official announcement made but there have been fantastic results using the ayurvedic remedies.

Natural medicinal herb remedies

The heading says it all! The medicinal herb remedies, now you must be curious to know what is that herb which can cure coronavirus?

Ban – Tulsi

Heard of this plant? It is also famously known as jungle tulsi. The name is mostly confused with the holy tulsi which also has medicinal value, but here we are talking about a plant that is medicine effective to cure the coronavirus disease.

Its botanical name is ‘croton bonplandianum’, which is hugely found and grown near the canals, riverbanks, etc.

The plant is known with different names in different languages and is a wild species but is an herb that is used for many purposes and one among them is for curing health conditions of a disease.

Ban – tulsi or jungle tulsi is a natural medicine as it is grown in the forest and has the capacity to treat liver disorders, bronchitis, and asthma, etc. it is not only limited to these but can cure a huge range of diseases.

Medicinal remedy

The herb is available in the market under different names, as it helps to mitigate the worse health conditions one can get the jungle tulsi and make sure they take it with food if they are sick internally. And if there is some external problem like skin disease one can always apply the paste around the infected area. This will show results as per the course of the medicinal herb.

Why is it medicinal? Because it has linoleic acid and volatile and fixed oils that help fight the infections. This herb is extremely beneficial for skin as it consists of the acid that heals the skins.


The immune system is the real fighter of the body, with the natural herbs and remedies one can always be fit and not be affected with any kind of viruses.

Ban Tulsi is one such ayurvedic medicine that can do wonders and has a lot more medicinal qualities that can cure every cell of the body that will make your immune stronger.