Remedies to correct Dosh found in Janam Kundali

The presence of planetary positions and their effect on our lives is what Janam Kundli is all about. Made at the time of the birth of a native person, Janam Kundli gives a prediction analysis about the future related changes. Janam Kundli not only determines the behavioral aspects of the person but also gives precise judgment about career stability, relationships, financial issues, and health-related matters. We all know how unpredictable life is but Janam Kundli provides a way to walk on with better knowledge about yourself.

Janam Kundli holds great value in Hindu culture. The positions of planets, stars, sun, and moon bring different changes in the life of a person. These changes can be favorable but few of them can turn out to produce negative results. The presence of malefic planets in the wrong house can give rise to troublesome Kundli doshas and affect your present life.


Janam Kundli of every person is flawed in one way or another. It is a rare chance that a person has little or no flaw in their Janam Kundli. The planets constantly change their movements and settle in different houses of Kundli at different times. Their movement significantly affects the life of a person. Dosh can arise due to several other reasons and can impact your career, relationships, health in a negative way. However, with every dosh, their remedies are also available that a person can perform to get rid of the malefic effects of planetary positions.

We’ve listed some common doshas and their remedies to make lives better around the world.

Common Kundli dosh with their remedies

Manglik Dosh & its Remedies

Considered as one of the most serious dosh of Janam Kundli, Manglik dosha occurs due to the presence of planet Mars in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house in the person’s horoscope. Fierce nature of planet Mars brings a lot of negative energy into the person’s life resulting in unfavorable losses and changes.

With a probability of occurring  50% in every second Janam Kundli in one out of two,  Manglik dosh can bring problems in the marriage alliance of the person even leading to no satisfaction in marriage and divorces. The person with Mangal dosh is known as ‘Manglik’


As fierce as the temperament of planet Mars is, the most suitable and foremost remedy of nullifying the Manglik dosh is to please the planet Mars.

 Tuesday is considered as the day of Mars and at the same time, it is also the day of Lord Hanuman, chanting Hanuman Chalisa or keeping fast on Tuesdays can also be considered effective in reducing the ill-effects.

Red Coral is the gemstone of Mars, wearing it in the ring finger of the right hand on Tuesdays after performing all the Puja can also reduce the effects of Mars.

If two people with Manglik dosh marry each other, they also nullify the effects, resulting in a happy married life.

Kaal Sarp Dosh & its Remedies

Another prominent Dosh present in Janam Kundli is the Kaal Sarp Dosh. It can be annoying because the ill effects of this Doshas always occur when one is going to achieve success in their life. Rahu and Ketu are considered head and tail of serpent respectively and it occurs when all the 7 planets get located in between Rahu and Ketu.

There are 12 Kaal Sarp Dosh, each named on the different serpent and each of them has different levels of negative impact on the life of natives.


Wearing snake rings or ornaments can help you in reducing its effects. There are a lot of gemstones available as an antidote to this Dosh.

Snakes are considered to be very close to Lord Shiva and chanting Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, Shiv Chalisa, or Mantra also helps.

Antidote ceremonies at Devghar and in Tryambakeshwar Jyotirlings is specially performed to remove this dosh from the Janam Kundli.

Shani Dosh & its Remedies

One of the most ill-powered Dosh in the Janam Kundli, Shani Dosh is often considered as one of the strongest dosh. Governed by the magnificent Planet known for its rings, Saturn, Shani Dosh occurs when Shani is in weak positions or retrograded in the Janam Kundli.

Shani, as always, is known for its hard teachings. Being a strict teacher of life, Shani dosh can turntable from any direction. One of the most prominent forms of Shani Dosh is the presence of Sadhe-Sati. The Sadhe-Sati of Saturn is the troublesome period of seven and a half years in one’s life. The effects of Sadhe-Sati are extremely powerful. It does worse than one can expect, breaking them financially, mentally, and physically.


Saturday is the day for Shani and chanting  Shani Mantra and performing special Puja on Saturdays can turn out to be pretty effective.

Blue sapphire is considered as one of the most effective remedies of this Dosh

Donations of black things like black clothes along with mustard oil on Saturdays will help you with pleasing the planet.

Make donations and charities on Saturdays.

Pitra Dosh & its Remedies

When Sun/Moon, Rahu, and Saturn Collectively reside in one of the houses in Janam Kundli, It gives the rise to Pitra Dosh in the native horoscope.  Pitra Dosh occurs due to the bad deeds of ancestors or the unsatisfied and restless souls of the ancestors. This dosh gives rise to many social and mental problems.


Feed cows with cooked rice made with ghee on Saturdays.

Worship lord Ram to reduce the effects of this dosh

Take care of your parents and do selfless service for aged people.

So these are prominent Dosh that can be present and Janam Kundli and we have offered several remedies to them. You can take guidance on these from Vedic astrologers and perform remedies as they advise.

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