The Sun is known as the king of all planets and is one of the strongest and powerful part and aspect of Vedic astrology and plays a vital role in it. It signifies power, good health, ambition, a leader, popular among people, helps to make one always have an optimistic approach towards life and approach anything and everything in life with a head-on approach, or even look forward to it. It also represents Aarogya which means good health. The position of the Sun also plays an important role in our position in society, how society views us and what we give back to society. A strong Sun in the individual's horoscope makes the individual confident, sure of himself or herself, have an ambient nature and a healthy mind and body as well.

Problem and the impact caused by a weak Sun in your horoscope

It can cause you problems with your speaking skills, the way you present yourself and increase your levels of insecurity. It also weakens your physical state and you feel constantly tired and fatigued. You feel constantly breathless, pain in your chest, your joints start aching and hurting, a lot of skin problems, and your eyesight seems to be blurry all the time. The individual that has a weak Sun in his/her horoscope, is always having a problem arise in his or her life, and can also have an unhappy or terrible childhood. They are unhealthy and seem to be always having a bad time. They have constant arguments with people and have terrible arguments with the authority figures in their life. This individual also has a very turbulent and unhealthy relationship with his or her parents and is constantly stressed because of them or about them. Their relationship is very strained. They do not even succeed in their work-life and are stuck on square one itself. The individual also tends to have a strained relationship with friends and family and is not happy because of the toxicity in the individual's life. They also have respiratory problems and a lot of temper problems.

Remedies for when the individual has a weak Sun in his/her horoscope

Sunday's are known to be the day of the Sun and the individual can chant Bija mantra every Sunday and must ensure that it is completed by Sunday itself.  To the Sun that is about to rise, always offer water after you take a bath. Be respectful, kind and generous to anyone, mainly your elders and people who work above you. It does not cost you anything to be kind and respectful, giving them the respect they deserve. Maintain a fast on Sundays, and follow a healthy diet throughout the week. Visit your Astrologer and enquire if you can invest in a ruby gemstone and wear it to ward off the malefic effect. The individual should chant the Surya bija mantra before eating his or her breakfast and should chant the mantra seven thousand times. The other requirements while chanting this mantra include that the individual should have taken a bath before and sit down to meditate while chanting the mantra and chant it with utmost concentration. The individual can also perform a surya namaskaram in front of the Sun, surrounded by a clean space on a completely empty stomach. They should also offer sindoor that is mixed with clean water to the Sun. Every day, the individual should bathe in water mixed with Elaichi, deodar, saffron, sandalwood and gangajal as it reduces the effect of a weak Sun and helps to strengthen the positive energy around the individual as well as attract the positive energy towards them. They should also remove the consumption of any sort of meat from their diet and maintain a strictly plant-based diet. Not only that for the next forty-three days they should also offer a copper coin into the river.