Remedies For Rahu

Rahu is a progressive planet. It disdains authority and supports social standards. It makes the individual enemy of a tyrant in the everyday issue administered by its situation in a house. Rahu gives positive outcomes in third, sixth, and eleventh houses and is considered exceptionally malefic in the rest. Rahu causes a person to conflict with the standards and universal thoughts related to that specific house. For instance, when Rahu is set in the fourth house, it gives one an outlook that is a direct inverse to other relatives. They are known to mostly hold various qualities and convictions than what is trailed by their family. So normally, where Rahu is in the horoscope characterizes the everyday issue where the individual would feel the absence of true serenity. It additionally gives a powerful urge to connect with the estimations of Rahu’s house, failure, or dread to do as such, and eventual disappointment. There is a ton of mental turmoil related to the house where Rahu is situated in a horoscope.

Rahu’s world is also characterized by being vicious, hostile, ruthless, mischievous, elusive, and also enigmatic. The world also tends to make a person less conscientious and is known to encourage paranoia, plotting, and scheming. Moreover, Rahu magnifies a planet’s basic characteristics by combining it with it, as Rahu begins to work as a planet itself. Therefore a person’s situations and circumstances change because of the placement of Rahu.

Rahu can be situated in any of the 12 houses, depending on the house’s present in there are different remedies for it.

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Remedies for Rahu in the First House are:

The person should regularly chant Rahu Mantras, any of the four mantras. They should feed birds every day. The regular reading of Hanuman Chalisa is also effective. Donations of copper, black sesame or black leather items should be done every Saturday. Yantra should be engraved copper or bhojpatra and worshipped daily.

Remedies for Rahu in The Second House are:

It is encouraged to keep a little strong silver ball. They ought not to acknowledge electrical apparatuses from their parents in law. Keeping up great relations with the mother will demonstrate supportive right now. Locals should keep a little strong wad of gold. Indeed, even Saffron kept in a silver box will demonstrate useful too, advises Ganesha.

Remedies for Rahu in The Third house:

Wearing silver is emphatically prescribed. Dropping 400gms of coriander in streaming water may cause some alleviation from its unsafe impacts. Dropping 400gms of almonds in streaming water can likewise demonstrate helpfully.

Remedies for Rahu in The Fourth House:

Silver wearing will offer some comfort. Dropping 400gms of coriander or almonds, or both of them in running water, in their pain will induce a sigh of relief.

Remedies for Rahu in The Fifth house:

It is proposed to keep an elephant made of silver. They should attempt to keep away from liquor, non-vegan nourishment, and infidelity. They are likewise prescribed to wed twice with a similar spouse in a time period.

Remedies for Rahu in The Sixth House:

They should keep a dark pooch as a pet. They are likewise pushed to keep a lead nail in their pocket. They ought to never mischief or hurt their siblings and sisters. They ought to be increasingly reasonable, prompts Ganesha.

Remedies for Rahu in The Seventh House:

By age 21, it’s recommended not to date someone. The donation of six coconuts to a river is commended.

Remedies for Rahu In The Eighth House:

Holding a square piece of silver metal can get rid of the negativities. Keeping saunf (anise) beneath the pillow can also come to the aid of sleeping. They are recommended not to operate in the power or energy sector.

Remedies for Rahu in The Ninth house:

Having a tilak made from saffron is recommended daily. Gold wearing will bring peace of mind. It’s also suggested that you keep the dog as a pet. It can be fruitful to maintain good relationships with the in-laws.

Remedies for Rahu in The Tenth House:

They can try and wear a black or blue suit. The covering of the head is called mandatory. It can provide positive energy by providing 400gms of sugar in a temple or in a river. Even, they should feed people with visual impairments.

Remedies for Rahu in The Eleventh House:

They will wear gold ornaments after father’s death also, wearing iron or drinking water using silver glass will be fruit-bearing. They should never give away any electrical equipment. Furthermore, they should not have an elephant in the form of blue sapphire, gold, or dolls, as this can have a negative impact.

Remedies for Rahu In The Twelfth House:

It’s proposed that the natives make meals themselves in the kitchen. They can also hold the Saunf (anise) and the sugar for sound sleep under the mattress.

Other than the above-mentioned remedies one can always chant Rahu Shanti Mantras, have Rahu Shanti Pujas and get Yantras engraved on copper and worship it daily. Following these remedies will help minimize the negative effects of Rahu and help a person maximize the benefits of it. 

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