Religion and Horoscope- The Secret Relation Kept Unnoticed

The world is a conglomeration of people belonging to multiple religions, some being the major ones and the others, less noticed. Apart from this, another class of atheists exist, who do not believe in a godly existence. All the religions, knowingly or unknowingly, point to a connection with the world of astrology in the form of zodiac signs, horoscopes, and auspicious times. Though many religions like Christianity regard astrology and horoscope as inappropriate and against the preaching of their almighty, a higher section of people has always pointed out the references in the holy text of the Bible. Such differences of opinion in human nature have never ceased to exist, and so horoscopes. Astrology has always been a topic of controversy among the widely-revered religious heads who had shown interest in condemning each other’s claims rather than bestowing their best interests in the holy scriptures.


Importance of horoscopes in religion

Many a time, people who have had a great taste for spirituality and a greater belief in religion, check themselves with horoscopes and zodiac-based predictions before making their steps towards the religious task. Be it the offerings in sacred places or its equivalents done at home, a pre-checking of the horoscope is a must in many households. While a section of people believe that every moment is auspicious and returning something god has blessed with to him needs no auspiciousness, another section of them, believes that as a sacred deed, that had to be given importance. Religion-based gatherings, including even the minute offerings and involving families, have to be decided only based on the astrological predictions. Apart from these, there have been instances where depending on the death time of a person, other rituals had to be done, the dates being decided by horoscopes and astrological charts again. Such is the importance of horoscopes and astrology in religions, irrespective of which faith it supports.


Negative aspects of astrological influence on religion

The interdependency of horoscopes and religion has, in instances, taken the worst form where people were believed to possess insights into the dark side of astrology or, in simpler words, black magic. Accusations have been made on innocent citizens at times, leading to public outrage in conservative areas. These outrages have resulted in permanent effects on the accused person and their family, which in a few cases, was death. People practicing black magic are said to physically and mentally influence one’s life, causing immense displeasure and torture. This was believed to be practiced on people, who according to them, were irresponsible and harmful to existence. Astrology and horoscopes have impacted people so much that the horoscopes of one religion were never the counterparts of the horoscope of another religion. To keep these differences alive, the method of reading astrological charts of different religions is different. One religion believes in the astrological charts and horoscopes based on a person’s birth time, which in turn decides the birth star; another religion believes in reading horoscopes by date of birth and time of birth of the person; another in drawing cards of a specific type, which are considered to answer the questions hauling over a person’s mind, and so on goes the list.


Boosting religion through horoscopes


Among the people of particular lineage and sometimes a specific region, a tradition of yearly prediction is done, in which, a person of that specific religion, called the chosen one, brings the deity onto them, to vocalize the predictions. When such horoscopes gain popularity among the public, by predicting things nearly similar, an enormous boost and reputation of the religion happen. These immensely popular occasions gain importance from leaders with a significant presence in politics and those into businesses, expecting changes from their past or further improvement. Among the higher classes, such traditions see no religion, which indirectly results in the more immense popularity of the culture. Many such specific events can be seen across the world. While it is evident that religion and horoscopes go hand-in-hand, certain boundaries must be set, where people involved in false accusations in cases of religiously inappropriate activities shall not be incorrectly persecuted. 

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