Depression has become a very common problem in today’s time. Depression is related to your mind but has adverse effects on your physical wellbeing as well. There can be times when you feel sad in general and this is very normal. However, if this feeling lasts for a couple of days then it can be a cause of worry and lead to depression. Later stages of depression can completely eat you and leave you isolated from others. In general, depression will slowly degrade the quality of your life. You will get angry at the smallest of things and have a huge chance of facing failure in your relationships. You will start losing your confidence and will not hold any interest or joy left inside you. Your energy will drop down drastically which will lead to mood swings and boredom.

However, as per Vedic studies, it is believed that the poor or bad placement of planets in your kundali generally leads to depression in life. During this period, you have to stay strong and fight your battle. There are certain remedies to cure depression with the help of astrology. Some of them are mentioned below.


Drinking in silver glass:

For your depression to cure, you need to make your Moon very strong. This can be achieved if you drink water in a glass made of silver. This is because silver is the color of the Moon which in addition symbolizes mental health. This will give you the strength to fight your battle. You are also advised to drink at least two to three liters of water every day.


Wearing stones:

According to astrologers, it is best if you wear pearl or moonstone if you are going through depression or any kind of illness in your life. Since the Moon in your kundali holds a bad position, these stones will help make the placement better and you will get strength in life. You can wear any gemstone and it will be beneficial in making the Moon stronger, thereby bringing better luck in your life.


Fasting on Monday:

Monday is a bad day of the week for you and hence whatever you do this week will not be beneficial to you in terms of your depression and mental health. As a result, you should definitely consider fasting on Mondays. You are also advised to devote your time to praying to Lord Shiva and also pour water on the top of Shiv Ling.


Wearing silver ornaments:

The most effective and fast way to get rid of depression according to astrology is by wearing ornaments made of silver. Silver not only helps you deal with mental problems but also cures other diseases that might be harming you on a regular basis. You can consider wearing a chain made of silver or some silver bracelet. Make sure you wear the bracelet in your right hand. However, make sure that you talk to a proper astrologer before wearing anything.


Performing Pranayama:

This is an old meditation practice and is beneficial if you want to connect with your inner self. Practicing this form of meditation will calm you down and make sure that you get rid of stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and depression in general. You should be consistent in performing this and should make sure that you do so for at least 15-20 minutes every day. This will help calm your nerves and you will see results in a few days.


Recitation of Shiv Mantra:

The lord ruling Moon is Shiva and therefore you should worship him in order to deal with your depression properly. You are advised to recite the Shiva Mantra 108 times every day and this will make your Moon pretty strong. As soon as your Moon becomes strong, you will get rid of your depression as well.


All in all, dealing with depression and getting rid of it permanently is pretty easy. All you need to do is have patience and some faith in astrology. With the help of proper remedial measures and commitment, you will soon eliminate all kinds of mental illness from your life. Till then, try to be strong and have patience to deal with depression.