Relations Through The Lens of Zodiac Signs

Relations Through The Lens of Zodiac Signs

Things, people, or situations that are predicted to have a long-term impact must be looked into deeply compared to others. These situations or occasions might be the birth of a happy and enlightened individual or, sometimes, the emotional depth of the person. Human relationships created through love and marriage hold places of evident importance in this regard. A person is oft defined by the deeds they do and the views they express, in both actions and words. This apart from attractions results in the formation of love and further relationships. While the definition of love holds first place in the list of complicated and controversial definitions, the relation between love and zodiac compatibility comes second. This is both supported and contradicted in many stages.


The Zodiac Signs and Compatibility

According to western astrology, the twelve zodiac signs are divided into four subcategories, grouping them subjected to their nature as air signs, water signs, earth signs, and fire signs. It is said that the air signs and fire signs form a great pair while the earth signs and water signs form a mutually compensating and benefitting pair. These are again categorized separately, with each zodiac sign having a list of high compatibility to low compatibility signs of the main twelve zodiacs. This trend of checking the compatibility of zodiacs may differ from region to region and religion to religion, but the aim of this compatibility order is for the same reasons. These orders are generally based on the characteristic qualities of each zodiac sign defined individually. The zodiac signs are believed to possess characteristics, which are typically defined by astrologers based on the planetary movements which they follow. These characteristics described do not always have a similarity to the actual nature of the person, which is when the problems in relations arise. While Gemini natives are believed to be light-hearted people who move on from relationships quickly, there are people who are Gemini by their zodiac sign and yet extremely sensitive, unable to move on from their bitter past. Such variations are undeniable, making this a controversial belief.


The Extent of The Practice of The Zodiac Signs for Relations

The method of reaching out to zodiac signs for compatibility is a simpler version of other matchmaking processes, which involve a complete study of the natal charts or the astrological charts prepared based on planetary movements during the person’s birth. While conducting a study of that intensity, often a mild difference in the matching process leads to rejection and breaking of the relationship, though the mindset and thinking of the individuals match. On certain occasions, these horoscopes extend to indicating danger to close relations of one of the individuals because of an astrological irregularity in the natal charts of the other individual, affecting the emotions and sentiments of the people. Marriages have, for a long time, kept this tradition in mind. In the present day, matching horoscopes have been launched in the online level too, where software prepare natal charts after analyzing the birth details of the individual. This practice has left the marriage related aspects and started affecting individuals of younger ages, with a liking on each other to check their astrological compatibility before making the next move. At this stage, it is a dangerous situation where individuals start defining others and their relation by natal charts and compatibility websites rather than the person’s character, nature, and the amount of affection they behold. The number of sites predicting the compatibility of two individuals using defined software has seen a rise, with newer websites popping up every other day. One can never be sure of the predictions or judgments given by these compatibility charts unless they are very clear of their relationship with the other person. There have been many unsung love stories that had not seen the light of the day succumbing to the astrological readings of the zodiac signs for compatibility. Zodiac signs, natal charts, or horoscope, any name one gives it, shall always be based on a pre-definition of the individual’s character being defined by the zodiac sign are correct, which is not the reality always. A wise person is the one who observes and understands these differences clearly.