REIKI: What is it?

Meaning of Reiki: 

The word ‘Reiki’ is derived from the two Japanese and Chinese word-characters, Rei and Ki. Rei has various connotations like a blessing, high power, God’s wisdom, while Ki means mind, spirit, energy, mood. Thus, Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy, or simple terms, energy healing. Since reiki involves the use of lifeforce energy, an entity rejected by the atheists as it does not comply with science, it is regarded as pseudoscience.

 Reiki is an alternative form of meditation which intents at stress reduction and providing a sense of tranquillity and ease. Spiritual in nature, it aims to heal and establish the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual balance and well-being of the body, by tapping into the positive energy and creating a constructive aura, invigorating the complete process. It is a painless and simple technique that can be learned and practiced by any individual being and can be applied to anyone, irrespective of the parameters of age, gender, origin or medical condition. It has shown to produce a revitalizing effect for every known condition of disease, malady, and discomfort without any side effects. Even in conditions like cancer, it is known to reduce the pain associated with it.

Reiki is functional to the energy fields in the diverse ranges of the body. It is supposed that due to physical pain or injury or emotional turmoil and turbulence or stress and strain, there is a stagnation of energy in that particular area. This stagnation of energy leads to energy blockage which is a cause of illness. During energy therapy, done generally in a peaceful setting, the practitioner places the palm lightly over the affected area for a few minutes in order to establish the flow of lifeforce energy to reverse the barrier of energy. The palm is removed when the practitioner senses that the vital energy has stopped flowing. This approach can be applied to approximately twenty different areas of the body.

Reiki is a harmless procedure that helps in restoring and strengthening the immune system of the body and does not have any side- effects. Reiki is devoid of any particular belief, religion or dogmas and is completely spiritual in nature, directly associated with the Creator.


Life Force Energy:

In order to understand Reiki, it is important to comprehend the gist of lifeforce energy, which is vital for the reiki healing process. Lifeforce energy can be visualized as an entity or a vital force fundamental in the fabric of every breathing creature, be it a warbler or any tree. It is commonly termed as Prana, a Sanskrit word, or breath of life. It is an intelligent power aiming to re-establish the natural order of humanity, connectivity, harmony and serenity among the individuals. It is believed that is power directly comes from the Almighty and thus, is infinite in nature. It links us to everything in reality and the absence of it means that there is no existence of any living creature. Thus, it is the real booster and backbone of life.

The presence of this cosmic energy can be understood by the following instances. We consume a variety of fruits and vegetables and we obtain numerous benefits that they contain. Ever wondered how the body is able to absorb only the selective beneficial nutrients essential to the body? This is the operation of the life energy force. When the new chromosomes in the zygote are formed, the merging of characteristics, the dominant and recessive traits about which no scientific theory could ever give a subtle explanation, all of it is the working of the ultimate force of energy.

This energy was first explained in the Sacred ancient Indian scriptures, more specifically, the Vedas. The living creatures can be understood as structures of energy necessitating spirituality. The cosmic energy can be siphoned by various techniques, meditation and its forms being the ultimate gateway for infinite energy. The other practices include positivity, laughter, compassion, connectivity, consistency, and love. Connectivity implies linking the body to the spirit, which is acquired through the soul.

Thus, lifeforce energy is a representation of a conclusive archetype which directs to transform our perceptions and the way we interpret the life on the globe. 

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