Reiki is an unconventional form of meditation which aims to heal and establish the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual wellbeing of the body. It is a simple technique that can be learned and practiced by any individual and can be applied to anyone. Objectives of Reiki practice include reduction of stress and providing a sense of security and serenity. Reiki is devoid of any particular belief, religion or dogmas and is entirely spiritual in nature, directly connected with the Almighty.


Benefits of Reiki

Practicing energy healing in our day to day lives aids in sustaining balance and harmony. Harmony implies the overall wellness of the body and coordination between the mind and the heart, whereas, balance is an extensive-term. Balance signifies equilibrium at all levels, emotional and mental, between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, masculinity and feminism, positivity and negativity, and so on.

Reiki delivers a profound effect on an individual with deep relaxation and releases tension and stress. It brings out clearance, tranquillity and helps the mind and body to relax. It creates wide-ranging mindfulness of one’s self as creates a noiseless space within, where you can emphasize nothing else but yourself, without any exhaustion, tension or workout. The created expanse allows you to listen to your own thoughts, take your own time and make tough decisions and judgments with clear-sightedness and sensibility and thus, it instills a great amount of wisdom.

It provides a significant amount of relief from physical pain and injury, emotional turmoil, stress, and post-traumatic experiences. Due to the causes mentioned above, there is an underlying stagnation of energy in a particular area which leads to blockage and accumulation of energy. While performing Reiki healing, the therapist places the palm gently over the afflicted area for a few minutes to harness the lifeforce energy and reverse the stagnation and blockade. The Reiki healing technique works directly on the problem and there is no masking of the symptoms in the process. The Reiki culture cleanses all external and internal organs of the body and also improves the sleep quality of an individual and boosts the processes of digestion and respiration.

The energy healing process promotes a calmer spirit and a serene state of mind, which in turn, enhances one’s memory retention, better learning, and a substantial amount of intellectual clarity. It also enhances an individual’s capacity to establish better kinships and the sufficiency to love.  The central objective of Reiki is to inculcate relaxation. Relaxation signifies better sleep and an amplified healing process, creating pathways for the body to move in the right direction. During meditation, it teaches the mind to enter into a self-healing mode. It provides a sense of grounding, centredness, and clears thoughts of anger, hatred, revenge, and grief. As Reiki promotes the establishment of balance at a deeper level, it paves broadways for the path of acceptance of situations, even if they are not as one desired it to be or in the worst imaginable way.

 Thus, Reiki provides nothing but bounties with the practice of its institution at all possible levels.



Reiki can be used on women in their periods, older people, pregnant women, cancer patients and any patient suffering from any malady. With a painless technique involving benefits, Reiki can complement traditional healthcare. Patients suffering from major injuries can use Reiki as an alternative which can also remarkably reduce the endured pain. Reiki is absolutely safe to use with individuals having diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy or heart conditions. The practice improves blood pressure so it is recommended to patients experiencing high or low blood pressure levels.

Reiki can always be preferred as it does not have any side-effects known as of yet. The worst scenario in the Reiki procedure could be that the treatment did not produce any substantial effect. However, it is possible to continue the traditional treatment with Reiki sessions together.



Reiki treatment has known to provide relief in ailments like cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, Crohn's disease, and fatigue syndromes. Although there have been no cases or any scientific evidence of Reiki curing cancer, it certainly does provide comfort and reduce a considerable amount of pain in the successive stages of cancer. Reiki can be performed on a patient undergoing chemotherapy.