Reiki symbols are used in the Reiki curative process to accomplish an innovative level of spirituality and psychic ability. They are the secrets that open doorways to a complex mental state of spirituality and power. The Reiki symbols were formulated as a means of training for the Reiki students and do not encompass any kind of power or energy source within themselves. It is the power of intention and meditation of the Reiki master that invigorates the symbols.

They are only accessible to those who are in the initials of the second or third level of Reiki. These symbols are venerated and are intimated to be solitary. Keeping them undisclosed is a way of exhibiting their sanctity and also upholding the consecrated linking of the symbols to the ultimate power.

Reiki symbols act as a conduit for erecting the bond between the reiki therapist and the spiritual energy. They are primarily five in number, precisely, power, harmony, distance, master and grounding symbols. Each of the five symbols is intended to serve a specific purpose. The practice of these symbols has no requisites, be it the ability to contemplate or experience in psychic training.



The first symbol, also known as Cho Ku Rei in Japanese, is used for various tenacities such as the need for an increase or decrease in power at points of attenuation procedure or when enhancement of reiki power is vital or in the regulation of the lifeforce energy. The identification of the power symbol can be done by drawing a loop, either in a clockwise or anticlockwise course as desired. This symbol can be illusioned as a spiritual switch, once triggered, the vital energy can be harnessed and channeled by the practitioner throughout the Reiki session.

The power symbol has diverse usage. It is primarily used in a Reiki session for treating physical afflictions, pain or injuries, irrespective of their extent. It also assists in clearing the passage of negative aura and preventing mishaps and misfortunes. These symbols can be used in a household to enlighten the atmosphere and also to boost kinship ties.



Designated Sei Hei Ki, this symbol serves the purposes of cleansing, healing and, restoring the mental and emotional equilibrium. The connotation of this symbol is ‘God and Man become one’ and the drawing of this symbol is represented by a washing wave or a bird’s wing in flight, gestured in a comprehensive wave. This symbol is fundamentally a protection symbol that keeps away the negative energy and everything that comes with it.

This symbol can be used to treat addictions, depressions and, trauma, thus restoring the spiritual state of well-being. These symbols can be used in books and notebooks for memory enhancement and instilling positive affirmations.



Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is one of the most powerful symbols which facilitates the travel of the lifeforce energy across space and time over extensive distances. The meaning of this symbol is ‘no past, present or future’. The representation of this symbol is called a pagoda due to the towering appearances of the characters in it. This symbol functions slightly different from the above two symbols and uses a comprehensive approach in converting devastating reminiscences and suffering into a learning experience. The Reiki masters practice this symbol for foretelling any misfortunes ahead of time or any important event.



The fourth symbol is the combination of the power, harmony and distance symbol. Known as Dai Ko Myo, it is the ultimate enlightenment symbol and is most complex to draw. It is the most sanctified symbol having the maximum vibrational frequency and transformative power amongst all symbols of the Reiki. This symbol has the power to heal the soul, the aura at once. It is used by the Reiki masters to establish closer bondage with the Creator and for a stronger connection of the body and soul. Due to the energy flow in it, it rejuvenates and boosts the immune system of the body.



The last symbol, called Raku or fire serpent, is the grounding symbol. The purpose of this symbol is to clear any negative energy that may have arisen and absorbed in the attenuation process. It is represented in the shape of a lightning bolt or a zigzag. The visualization and drawing of this symbol help in achieving grounding and sealing the transfer of spiritual energy.


The Function of the Symbols

Reiki symbols intensify healing power by siphoning of the vital energy source and as they are the bridge of energy flow to the master and help to trigger the energy currents and sustain a smooth flow of it as required. These symbols are a means of protection to animate as well as the inanimate as it is also involved in the preservation and utilization of lifeforce energy. They provide aid in physical, mental and emotional health and also relief in malady. They are also used in distance healing, through the explicit distance symbol. They also help in the activation of the Kundalini Sakti or the Serpent power. They form the basis in the practice of attunements and assist in the clearance of the negative aura and filling it with positivity. Lastly, they provide support in establishing a connection with our creator, the Almighty.