Reiki is an alternative form of meditation that intents at stress reduction and provides a sense of tranquillity, clarity, balance, and security. It focuses on healing and establishing the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual balance and wellness of the body by tapping into the Reiki energy and creating a positive aura, thus revitalizing the process. It has produced an invigorating effect for all types of disease and discomfort and is a painless procedure that can be learned and practiced by anyone interested. It is applicable to any individual, irrespective of the parameters of age, gender, or sickness.



Hand-on healing, also known as palm healing or Tenohira in Japanese, is a Reiki healing technique through the medium of the palms. The palms act as a support for the channeling the Reiki energy and vital energy force. It is taught to a Reiki Shotan in the first level itself. Palm healing is an ancient method of treatment practiced even before the discovery of Reiki.

Owing to physical pain, injury, emotional turmoil, and turbulence or stress and strain, or trauma,  there is a stagnation of energy in a particular area. This area experiences inactivity of energy that leads to energy logjam, an underlying cause of sickness. During energy healing, generally done in a quiet background, the practitioner places the palm gently over the afflicted area for a few minutes to establish the flow of lifeforce energy and reverse the stagnation and blockade. The practitioner removes the palm when he or she senses that the Reiki energy has stopped flowing. This approach can be applied to approximately twenty different areas of the body, which are known as the Reiki points. Examples include the heart, head, and so on.

There are several procedures through which palm healing can be carried out. Few instances include still hands, scanning, magnetization, sweeping and energy pumping. The still hand is the most basic and common practice, allowing energy flow over the affected area by placing the palm over it. In scanning, the practitioner encircles the hand around the energy fields of the body or the Chakras, a few inches away from the body. Sweeping is done to restore the natural balance of the body by moving the palm around the required area, without touching. It greatly helps in energy restoration in the organ deficit of energy. Magnetization is an envision where the therapist visualizes that the palm is drawing the negative forcefields from the afflicted areas. It is chiefly applied to individuals experiencing mental sickness or trauma. The energy pumping technique is applied to areas where there is an overflow of energy, leading to accumulation. The excess energy is drawn to restore the normal energy flow. It is applicable to physical pains, injuries, and headaches.


Self-healing through Reiki

Self-treatment through Reiki can be done with a little meditation. One could go for a full course as a Shoden under a Reiki master, or taking a few classes could also help. You can set forth your own protocols formed on the basis of procedures of Reiki treatment and create a comfortable environment to perform it. You can perform Reiki on yourself by placing the palm over areas of the body for a few minutes. A few areas where you can perform Reiki by yourself are crown, face, lower ribs, upper chest, throat, abdomen, navel, lower abdomen. Feel free to skip a few parts in which you feel uncomfortable and continue with the rest.

A body scan is another, yet an effective Reiki treatment that can be done on one’s self. It is a powerful method for strengthening immunity, maintaining balance and implanting feelings of security, awareness, and tranquillity. It can be started by creating a suitable, serene environment to perform Reiki, a noiseless place without any hindrances. It should preferably be dark with lit candles and the lights switched off, though this is not compulsory. After setting the atmosphere, one could start with the basic Kanji positions.

One could perform and practice in any fitting or comfortable position, be it standing, sitting, or lying down. The fingers must be crossed and the mind must focus on a Reiki point. Examples of a few Reiki points are the navel, solar plexus, heart, crown of the head, throat. Envision the point with eyes closed for a few minutes. Now, let the middle fingers be touching each other with the rest of the fingers intertwined. With eyes closed, visualize the Reiki point being filled with the lifeforce energy and illuminating with it. Again, twirl fingers and allow the energy to flow through all parts of the body. Now, begin a body scan, feel the energy replenishing in each and every part of the body, from the top of the head to the tip of the toes, sequentially. Give away all the negativity, stress, and tension. Throughout the session, one will experience tingling which is due to the flow of energy currents across the body.