Reiki and Tarot Cards

Reiki and Tarot Cards

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing that is used by many for curing any medical problems and even for reducing stress. Reiki doesn’t really cure any disease medically but it plays with the mind so that the patients have a more positive perspective on their disease. It is more like emotional healing so that people can be mentally strong during their medical process. In Reiki, there is an energy that is considered to get transferred from the practitioner’s palm to the patient.

It is believed that Reiki can increase the rate of healing from any disease. But this should be practiced with medical treatments. During a Reiki Session the patient goes under a meditative state as a result of which after the session they feel very relaxed and calm. Reiki was originated in japan by Mikao Usui. That’s why it is sometimes known as the Reiki – Usui session. It can heal a person physically, emotionally and even spiritually. A Reiki session is very enriching and you will feel very relaxed after the session. Though many people have experienced the benefits still there is no scientific proof of its benefits. Many medical practitioners don’t believe in this technique.

How Reiki and Tarot Cards work?

Reiki and tarot card reading are two completely different skills. Tarot card reading is a method to predict the different possibilities of the future, to understand the past and the present or to get the answers to our questions. The tarot deck has 78 cards. Out of 78 cards, 22 of them are Major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Each card has its own specific meaning. There are images in tarot cards that have occult, divination and supernatural powers.

Tarot cards are used extensively in healing, spiritual guidance, and also in Reiki practice as well. Tarot cards can be used to determine the intention to perform a Reiki session. Tarot cards are used to determine which part of the body needs to be healed or why a person is not healing despite medical treatments. Sometimes the body of a patient is not showing any sign of healing for any reason so tarot cards can be able to determine the possible reasons for it. Reiki can also be used to increase the level of focus during a tarot card reading. Tarot cards are used for healing and thus Tarot card Reading with Reiki can result in wonders when used together. It is also believed that Reiki can increase the intuition and psychic ability of a reader.

Things to keep in mind while performing a Reiki and Tarot card session

1.     You should always have a very clear and right intention for performing a Reiki session. The bad intention may lead you to not attaining the manifestation.

2.      Always choose a calm and quiet place for the session. This session requires a lot of focus so once a focus is developed it should not be allowed to get distracted by your ambiance. So choose a place which is quiet and no one can disturb you while reading.


3.      Create a place to perform this session. Light a candle, draw some Reiki symbols. These can help you to focus while performing the reading. Make sure that the session is performed in a clean place.