Gemini's are one of a kind souls, their demeanour makes them the true hero at heart. Little did you know that a Gemini because of their flowery personality traits remains etched in your memories forever and after. There are so many reasons why a Gemini is a go-getter at doing things their way. Gemini loves to play the flute as their own. They don't like to change a bit about others. They love to accept people by their true selves and hate to have fake people around them. If you ever want to make best friends with someone, Gemini is the real person to follow as one of the most inspiring souls around you. Gemini loves to be around people without any hesitation. They make sure that they bring out their true self to this world. You need to know a lot of things about a Gemini and love them as they are.




A Gemini can never fake themselves. They are super modest at being true at heart. Their genuineness will make you fall for them in full circles. A Gemini loves to shine hard at all times. But, they hate the fake shine. They are those human beings who relentlessly love to be their true selves without the fear of getting rejected by the world. They are the very human ones who love to take the horror of life in a calm state, this is the reason why you will end up getting attached to a Gemini star sign person. Gemini is like true gems of soil, they hate being fake and love to show their true side to the world. Gemini's are applauded for being just the way they are, without a change in their personality. They hate acting unreal in front of the world, that is the reason why they are surrounded by people who truly love them. Only a true Gemini can be understood by people who don't mind showing their true side to the world. Having a good heart and soul of a true warrior is what makes a Gemini a whole person. They love to feed people with so much affection keeping aside their ego and hatred in their hearts. Gemini love to be their honest self and don't be selfish. They hate to be selfish and love to show their true side of the world. There's nobody like a Gemini who is as true at heart as they are supposed to be. This makes them the most preferred people on the face of the earth and there is no doubt about that.




Gemini souls understand all types of human beings in the world. No matter who you are, short, stout, tall, fat, fair, black, third gender, emo, etc, a Gemini will accept you as the way you are. They possess a rare skill in order to understand people like no one. They live to understand and love to understand people in all forms and sides in life. Only a true Gemini can understand whether you are sad or happy, blue, or smiling. It is quite evident as great leaders are born as Geminis. As real as it gets. It's very hard to find people who may understand us when we feel down. The best thing about being understood is that finally our shoulders get lightened by these very facets that weighed us down.  A Gemini is a gem born in this world. They respect people equally and know how to treat them. They understand everyone with respect and know no boundaries to do so. They understand you like no one else. And that's what you want in a confidant. Gemini fits into this status very well. They understand you more than their own parents. This is the reason why a Gemini suite you like nobody else. There's no hard and fast rule why you should be able to befriend a Gemini. They become friends by themselves and there is no doubt about it. They love to understand everyone by their own space and time. Which makes them the most likeable ones. They are the best people to be around you at all times.