Reading that Freaky Mind!- Zodiacs and Their Ghoulish Thoughts

Reading that Freaky Mind!- Zodiacs and Their Ghoulish Thoughts

Have you ever imagined yourself in the creepiest situations? Or do you tend to fantasize about any ghoulish thoughts? Well, don’t shy away from them as we are about to state some of your freakishly weird fantasies or thoughts down here, so you might as well say it or else let the people read it out loud for themselves. 

Aries- ‘Deadly’ Leaders

Aries being the happy-go-lucky souls is weirdly fascinated by the thought of death and misery. It sure sounds creepy, but this is what it is. They might not come to terms with this, but this is the truth and their ghoulish thoughts involve that of dreaming about what death may look like for them, how will they die, and what if they kill themselves? 

Taurus- Stalking skills on fleek!

Well, these bulls sure are powerful, but if given an option so they will probably just hang out on their comfy couch and act like an all-time couch potato. Speaking of their morbid activities, then they'd be the authority on the subject of creepy stalking skills. 

If they spot their ex or their crush with someone on their social media account well then they will probably stalk them to an extent that you can’t even imagine. That’s creepy, but it is what it is!

Gemini- Where the lie detector at?!

These twin signs are two-faced gossip queens, this sure is harsh but this their actual personality. Speaking of their creepy and ghoulish fantasies, well then they are freakishly brilliant liars. They’ll be lying to you for no good reason and make you believe whatever they may say, call it talent or creepy behavior, the choice is yours. 

Cancer- High on emotions

These sentimental signs are really, REALLY creepy when it comes to expressing emotions. These signs tend to act peculiarly obsessive with their partners while in love, they might make their partner feel trapped and suffocated by their gestures. 

They sure do love hard, but they hate even harder, if you betray them then they will swear upon taking revenge by hook or by crook. 

Leo- Dramatic ‘exit’ 

These lions are always the center of attention, and even their morbid thought is quite under the spotlight because it’s just out of the box. You will probably catch them fantasizing about their funeral. They love to imagine that who would be the one to show up first, who’s going to give a touching eulogy, or what will their tombstone say about them? Creepy enough, huh?!

Virgo- Sensual freaks!

Speaking of these organized perfectionists, their creepy and ghoulish thoughts are usually roaming around their weird sexual fantasies. During the nighttime, their weird fantasies get heightened at times and they tend to get all naughty and turned on by things totally unimaginable for a normal person. 

Libra- Crime Scene

Before we begin, just get one thing straight that never try to explore a Libra’s internet history, or else you will think of calling the cops because of their horrifying search results. Librans are usually attracted to freaky crime and thriller articles and scenarios on the internet. They love watching wildly weird and threatening serial killer kind of videos on the internet. 

Scorpio- Intensity heightened 

Scorpios are, as it is known to be prey to the dark side of their personality, and speaking of their outlandishly abnormal thoughts then here it is, they sometimes think of themselves as the destroyers. They imagine things like crushing objects or even people sometimes. Don’t worry they will not go through with this image in their real life, but you’re allowed to be scared because it's still creepy. 

Sagittarius- Cold at heart? 

well, this is more of a personality trait than being just a mere freaky thought on their minds. Sagittarians are fond of exploring the world and moving from one place to another, so due to this they might avoid emotional scenarios, and this might put them in a ‘cold’ light sometimes. 

Capricorn- Crime scene again

Capricorns are probably the smartest and the creepiest zodiacs at the same time. Their ghoulish fantasies involve murder planning of their near and their dear ones. Don’t worry you’re safe otherwise, it’s just their creepy imagination. They like imagining a planned murder and getting out of it smoothly and unpunished because that proves them to be smart.

Aquarius- Emotional creeps

Aquarians are by far the most emotional and courteous people alive because they love to help out others. But these emotions get a little creepy sometimes because you tend to imagine how would you present a eulogy to one of your family or friend’s funeral. This might sound harsh, but this is their way of expressing grief. 

Pisces- Dramatic Climax 

Well, yours is a hero-like imagination, because you tend to imagine scenes where you are all beaten up by goons and violent creatures. But ultimately you save the day by becoming a hero and defeating all the goons. Too dramatic, right?