Reading Janam kundali without time

Reading Janam kundali without time

Janam kundali is the chart representing the placement of planets at a specific time and place concerning the location of Earth. The job of Janam kundali is to measure and recording various degrees of planets from a particular location. Creating a kundali chart requires a date, time, and place of birth. These factors mentioned are responsible for the erection of your horoscope. Whenever a Janam kundali is read by the astrologer, it is done by considering 5 things.

Degree of rising sign.

Housed occupied by planets and other celestial bodies.

Nature of planets and other celestial bodies.

Degree of planets and other celestial bodies.

Zodiac signs owned and occupied by various planets and celestial bodies.

There is nothing like a pre-written horoscope but, it is the work of an astrologer to write about your life by checking the placement of planets and other celestial bodies in the solar system. There also can be a variation of horoscope depending on the perspective of different astrologers. Some astrologers focus on more positive things only, others tend to talk about only the negative things.

The work of astrologer is very crucial is reading Janam kundali, one single horoscope cannot be generalized about the possibility of occurrence of events. A very dedicated and expert astrologer can increase the possibility of events coming true with the help of Vedic astrology, otherwise, astrologers are mostly known for their fake predictions all around the world. Still, there is no denial that Vedic astrology quite legit. Correct knowledge can lead you into better predictions and getting more realistic results in life events.

Janam kundali is more specifically a chart based on our birth date, time, and place with respect to the celestial bodies in our solar system at that specific time and place of our birth. It, however, will be wrong to have a perception that kundali has all of your destiny written into it. It can only detect the possibilities of the future and the results of your actions and reactions towards the environment in your society.

It is also debated that the exact birth time is not very accurate and it is in a range of time. This makes Janam kundali reading more unpredictable and less believable. 100% accuracy is not possible. Despite all this, the prediction based on kundalini is surely possible by reading Janam kundali. In a few cases, it can fail miserably.

Janam kundali chart is being used since centuries for the prediction of the future of a person. Today's world has a lot of negativity and competition all around, and it is necessary to plan our future more efficiently, this increases the importance of reading Janam kundali and the audience believing in this concept have increased in the modern world.

And speaking of the modern world, the digitalization has made it easier to access Janam kundali through the online websites which can provide free Janam kundali reading sitting at your home. The calculations needed are done by the computer which is more accurate and the position of planets very precise.

Importance of Birth time:

Birth time is a very vital component in the formation of Janam kundali. It is very highly recommended to research about your birth time before creating or reading your chart. The reason for the importance of birth time dates back into the ancient ages. Ancient astrologers believed that the date and time of our birth are highly associated with the 'karmas' of our previous birth. Hence, the Vedic astrology uses the place of birth, and time of birth and the year to make the Janam kundali chart. It is believed that the position of the celestial bodies at the specific time of your birth affects every event in an individual's life. An expert astrologer has the ability of accurate calculation of celestial bodies at the time of your birth, the task is not easy because the celestial bodies are constantly moving and the exact birth time is certainly not known. Every single minute passed counts in the making of a reliable Janam kundali. There is also a difference in opinions of Indian and western astrologers, while astrologers in India study the movement of Moon the western astrologers study the position of Sun in different houses. There is also a generalized view in the period of the birth of a person.

It is always very difficult to reach a result of whether Janam kundalis are true or not. It is not 100% true. But even natural science cannot be termed as 100% true. When the Vedic astrology talks about planets and relates this to us, it is talking about the energies that our bodies possess. Provided with accurate knowledge a good astrologer can pull out a Janam kundali chart for you that can predict your future very efficiently.

People often read books written by astrologers and try reading their kundali and predicting their future, which in most cases turns out to be very disastrous. The reading of kundali must be only by an astrologer because of many reasons. One of the reasons is the astrologer will always present you with an unbiased result about your future. Reading us on kundali will lead us to produce wrong predictions.

To read a Janam kundali anyone is required to know the following aspects of astrology-








These basics need to be strong for a person on the path of becoming astrologer or anyone who desires to read Janam kundali. Reading and making kundali is a science that you need to master and that requires time. Interpreting planetary motions at the time of birth laid down the foundations of Janam kundali charts. The most expert astrologers can only predict or create a chart without the need of birth time. However, the chart made without the correct knowledge correct birth time may contain a lot of errors. For a regular person, very basic tips can be picked from the astrologers who have their shows.