A man of perfection, Virgo takes a great amount of time to open up about his needs and his way of life. Any Virgo man sex life is quite secretive and physical intimacy is also considered as a big step because they do not encourage one night stands. The relationships they prefer are more inclined towards mental intimacy with sex being a not so significant part of it.

Virgo man in bed take each step very cautiously so getting them into physical relationships is not easy. They are cautious about their health too because of which they think a great deal. Though they have many specifications and standards to be met, they are closed, making it the job of their partner to understand them. 

Most Virgo man takes a lot of time in finding the right partner and this long waiting is not something problematic to them. Ordered and goal-oriented, a Virgo man find things like untidiness and disorder a major turn off. As the first step in luring a Virgo man, tidy up your surroundings and the place you want to meet him. This impression he gets of you will be one of greater significance in the time to come.

A Virgo man is characterized by a great amount of thinking in every aspect. Simple things in life such as delays, failures, etc. make them worried. Eliminating these varied thoughts alone will be helpful in involving properly in the act. For the beginners, do not forget to clear the mind of your Virgo man of all his businesses and tensions before you get intimate with him.


Things a Virgo Man in Bed Loves 

A Virgo man sex life is the tortoise of the rabbit-tortoise story. Though slow, he does not fail to surprise and keep their partner happy. Yet, there are many things a Virgo man craves for and still does not ask. They are modest in their way of life and doing the things their partner loves is their prime goal.

Standing positions:

A Virgo man is one of the people who is a big fanboy of standing positions. They love to see their partner completely which plays a very important role in turning them on. They like a lot of standing postures, most of them being those which bring them closer to their partner on many levels. Exploring a few sexy standing positions could take relation on many levels.

Submissive nature:

Unlike the general notion, a Virgo man likes to be the submissive one in a sexual relation. Exploring newer ways of the dominant-submissive relation would act as a major turn-on for a Virgo man. But, it is necessary that the couple speaks about this well in advance to prevent clashes and misunderstandings possible. All Virgo men are not the same and some dislike this kind of relations too.


A Virgo man prefers his life’s important matters and intimate matters to be restricted to the four walls around him. Trying to make out in public will be a bad decision with a Virgo man and could end up leading to other unwanted stuff. Never ever forget that a Virgo man loves keeping his relations to himself especially in the intimate factors.

Emotional stability:

A Virgo man is someone filled with an ocean of emotions and given the proper space and intimacy, he will express them physically. Expecting a Virgo man to open up and not pour out his emotions in a physical way is a contradiction. Let them open up about their feelings and this will take the relationship properly forward.

Mental bonding:

Flings, one night stands, friends with benefits, etc. are not the kind of relations that suit a Virgo man. They think of getting intimate only when they find emotional security. If at any stage, they feel that their partner wants physical intimacy and not emotional bonding, they would start drifting away, leaving the relationship.

Though the needs for all are not the same, discussing with your Virgo man, the things he wants and does not in a relationship is better than feeling sorry later.

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