Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

The two shadowy planets, namely - Rahu and Ketu are said to be malefic by nature. When positioned weakly, the Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Anatardasha does more harm than benefit, especially when combined. It becomes extremely dangerous for the person when he is under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha. Did you know that the Rahu Mahadasha runs for a period of 18 years whereas Ketu Atardasha lasts for 7 years? Both the dashas are very inauspicious for a person’s life. The time period of Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha becomes twice more harmful when they are afflicted with other negative planets like Saturn, Sun, and Mars. Their outcomes also depend on the houses they have a presence in.

Now let’s talk about the Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha in detail.

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Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu Mahadasha is a phase that exists for 18 years of the life of a person. During the period of Rahu Mahadasha, the person will face several obstacles in almost every aspect of his/her life. They will lose respect and peace whether it be their business or well-being. There will be a financial loss, conflicts at the workplace, any important or auspicious events will be difficult to take place and get constantly postponed. According to the Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra and Sarvarth Chintamani, the signs - Sagittarius and Scorpio are the most afflicted places for Rahu.  When Rahu is combined with the planet Sun they create the Grahan dosha in any housing present.

The formative years period also gets affected by Rahu Mahadasha, therefore it is vital that the parents take precautions and good care of the children and find appropriate remedial measures for the ailments or diseases. Rahu Mahadasha can create many conflicts legally, between siblings, etc. and also experience a financial loss.

Ketu Antardasha

The duration of Ketu Antardasha runs for over a time span of 7 years and is considered to be an unfortunate period for a person. During this time, the person experiences grave unhappiness in his/her life. The person will go through several hardships solely because of the people who are at the position of authority and be aware of the thefts, water, and fire elements. The period of Ketu Antardasha is quite intense for the person who has a presence of it under their birth chart and stays wary of the accidents in health and wealth.

Apart from being malefic in nature, Ketu is also considered to be spiritualistic in nature, therefore it can have an obstructing force as well which further results in rescinding the importance of a particular house or a sign.  it can also, become a little

When Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha Merge Together

Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha is exceedingly vicious for the native when combined together, they bring out disputes and diseases within the family members as well as peers. The person might have fear from a snake, political  as well as domestic conflicts like divorce, separation from siblings, loss of health, and wealth to name a few.

Additionally, Rahu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha can also bring many optimistic results as well but only if it is posited with the planet Jupiter and extracts its positive aspects.

When Rahu and Ketu are at a superior level they can bring a positive light of hope for the person, especially when the Rahu is in combination with the planet Gemini and Ketu is in combination with the planet Scorpio.

To conclude, Rahu brings a result for planets like Saturn and for Ketu, it is the planet Mars. Consequently, it is said to take these two planets into consideration while predicting Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha.


To clear the confusion, Rahu Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha can occur and exist together. They may affect a person either positively or negatively but the effects do occur, unless and until the Mahadasha falls under favorable planets like Sagittarius, Gemini, Saturn, and Mars, then there are only positive energies floating in that person’s chart.