Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha: Effects and Result

Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha: Effects and Result

Rahu the shadow planet, though it fails to stand a position in the universe holds a very strong authority on the prediction of an individual’s readings and affect its day to day life in many factors.  The placement of Rahu generally influences the planet associated with a particular zodiac or sun-sign and this positioning changes the markings which defect one’s future endeavours. Sightings of Rahu in astrological readings, in general, is considered malice but the worst form is the witness of Rahu is Rahu Dasha. Rahu Dasha is when the malicious induce of Rahu is latched on an individual for eighteen years. Rahu itself personifies excessive hunger, so greed is a dominant-negative trait during

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Rahu Dasha and giving in to the temptations of greed can bring about many destructive instances in the workspace specifically. When we talk about Rahu Dasha it is also important to discuss the most extreme unfavourable timeline also known as Rahu mahadasha, this stage stays for a short span of time, like six months or one year and this duration is marked as the dark point of Rahu where people reach the extreme end state of their being. There are many consequences that follow once an individual is affected by Rahu Dasha one of the biggest condition is extreme mental health issues the worse being depression and constant obsession leading to destruction.

The fascination of  Darkness is a big factor that comes along this trait. People tend to fall prey of the wrong side which has the absence of light and honesty. People in professions like politician and business might take the help of unethical measures to achieve a goal. Even if a person is indulged in certain spiritual practises can attempt to the application of dark magic, black mantras etc. The marriage that consists in the seventh stage of astrology is generally not under the influence of Jupiter as might know, this is actually a misconception, any sought of bond always falls under Rahu so being affected by Rahu mahadasha can include repercussions like intimidating amount of passion and chemistry but in most cases that ends into a failed or unhappy marriage.

Rahu can be associated with other planets too and in the instance, the individual starts acting like the core element of the particular planet like if Mars is the planet interlinked than anger is the first trait to be noticed once Rahu Dasha starts. Our today's discussion will dwell on Rahu’s relation when working on the planet Venus. This concept is popularly termed as Venus Antardasha. Before the analysis continues about both,  let’s understand Venus Antardasha independently. In simple language, antardasha is the continued timeline of mahadasha which extends the altercations. Venus antardasha can be considered the positive stroke of breath that can amend any mahadasha. When this period strikes, an individual is exalted to an amount of wealth and might end up gaining property or asset. Can result in a happy compatible marriage or well-mannered children as Venus is related to Lagna that decides the suitable time of starting a family. Now coming to the agenda back to Rahu mahadasha and Venus antardasha as stated earlier the optimistic outcome of the antardasha could be fruitful and contradict many consequences. For example: In this stage individual becomes very rebellious and tend to break many rules but this nature can lead to them working even harder and one desire a lot of achievements in the current state of mind. The different houses of astrology also play an important part in defining the 5th, 9th, and 11th or 2nd house which can bring an extreme amount of wealth in one’s life. 

But generally, Rahu brings about a negative impact this may affect the day to day life and in this case someone with this astrological readings can work very hard in their professional field but their struggle won't pay off. A huge faulty will appear between friends, and disparity, agony and clashes will turn out be a common issue. When talked about the effects of Rahu mahadasha and Venus antardasha some precautions and remedies should also be considered along First being frequent clashes between personal and professional life should not be blind-sighted and they should be treated on the first instance by consulting an astrologist or therapist because this can be considered a sign. Worshipping Shiva and Chandni can in some way reduce the malevolent effect of this dasha. Overall keeping the house and the workspace away from pessimistic aura can help in administering an optimistic outcome.