Rahu in Virgo - Meaning And Personality Traits

Rahu in Virgo - Meaning And Personality Traits

The individuals who are born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September are Virgos and they are ruled by the planet called Mercury. They belong to the element of Earth and these individuals are known to be wealthy, loyal, courageous, determined, selfish, and often even come off as cold and rude. Being ruled by an airy planet, the relationship this earth sign shares with the planet Rahu is positive and it continues to push the individual born with Rahu in Virgo to do their best while they are grounded at the same time. These individuals are extremely skilled individuals who are witty and intelligent.   

These individuals are known to be courageous and very determined once they set their minds to do something. They are not afraid of anyone and are always victorious in whatever they decide to do because they always use their intelligence to do whatever they decide to do. The Rahu in Virgo individuals tend to suffer when it comes to their health and they are known for their clear communicative skills and their ability to argue well. They make the ideal candidates for negotiation and debates. These individuals will always face a challenge head-on and are usually individuals who have always enjoyed the position of authority and power. They may also start their own business but in whatever they decide to do, their journey to success was not an easy one and they faced a lot of challenges that they had to overcome.  

The personality of Rahu in Virgo: Decoding  

The Rahu in Virgo individual is spiritual by nature and is attuned to their inner self. These individuals will find themselves excelling when it comes to academics and they prefer using reason and logic when it comes to matters that involve arguments and debates. They are not led by feelings and emotions but take their time to react and act, these individuals do not give in to impulsivity and make sure that every action and decision of theirs is well accounted for.  

Positive Traits of Rahu in Virgo  

The positive traits of the individuals born with Rahu in Virgo are that they are individuals who are quite fortunate in terms of intelligence and wealth. They are extremely career-oriented but they also face health issues. These individuals are very disciplined by nature and they always give themselves the creative freedom to execute their tasks and ideas flawlessly. The planet Rahu in Cancer indicates that there will be growth and prosperity in their lives and they will share a great relationship with their loved ones. The Rahu in Virgo individuals was never the one for dramatics and they have always been straightforward individuals who are extremely honest to the core. These individuals are workaholics who strive for perfection in whatever they decide to do. They have an eye for details and are quite intense.  

Negative Traits of Rahu in Virgo  

The negative traits of the individual born with the planet Rahu in Virgo are that they have a huge number of enemies. They are perfectionists by nature and they need to do everything their way because they have a level of perfection that a lot of people cannot match up to. These individuals tend to also fall prey to sickness very often because they seem to let go of their health and do not take care of their health. The Rahu in Virgo individuals are people who tend to be cold and logical, they operate with a cool and intense precision that many will find chilling. These individuals are finding it hard to empathize with other individuals and be emotional as well.  


The individuals born with Rahu in Virgo are very courageous people and determined to win through their merit. They have a way with words and are extremely intelligent by nature. These individuals also often come off as rude and arrogant, and they will find any way to be successful when it comes to their business. They have to be in control of what they do, and they will also find a solution for every problem that comes their way. They are problem solvers and they make sure that they can come up with logical explanations that will make sense. The Rahu in Virgo individuals will always have your back because they are loyal and intelligent people who will be there for you if shit hits the fan.