Rahu in the first house and their effects as well as remedies

Rahu in the first house and their effects as well as remedies

In the astrological universe, Rahu is the true embodiment of materialism, transgression, apprehension, dissatisfaction, fetish, and upheaval. Likewise, Rahu is correlated with diplomats and mystical sciences. Just like Ketu's hard nature, Rahu endures its enmity with the sun and the moon. In astrology, Rahu is suggestive of malefic planet. 

In Indian scriptures, Rahu is deemed as one of the 9 leading astronomical bodies. In contrast, to others, Rahu's darkness overrules everything. Rahu has been known to invigorate intense eclipse and remains the emperor in the world of meteors. It illustrates the ascending of the moon in its precessional orbit surrounding the earth.

North Lunar Node

Once the moon revolves it turns from the south to the north and intersects the sun's route, — that point refers to Rahu.

Rahu when paired with Ketu

Rahu is often paired alongside Ketu because of its reference to the shadow planet. When Ketu goes under the force of Rahu, it simply insinuates adverse effects and is called 


Rahu and Ketu in terms of their cycle orbit 18 years while maintaining 180 degrees orbitals from one another. This narrative is also evident in the birth chart. Rahu is known to dictate the zodiac sign of Aquarius combined with Shani.

According to pure astrology, Rahu and Ketu indicate the junctures of crossing the routes of sun and the moon as they stride on the celestial domain. Therefore, both Rahu and Ketu are referred to as north and south lunar nodes. There lies certainty — there is a surge in eclipses when Sun and the Moon meet at points where the reach utmost interpretation — when a snake swallows the sun and the moon. Rahu remains the major cause of the sun's intense eclipse.

Rahu in the first house

According to a true sense of Vedic Astrology, consequences of Rahu in the first house followed by Lagna (ascendant) in aborigines birth or navamsa graph established on birthdate remains positive and negative for the horoscope of males and females of ascendants.

Rahu's results in the first house

Both the genders, men and women when taken their positions in the first house alongside Rahu are most likely to have a head full of ambitions, craving for fame and certain worldly praise. Rahu's presence in Lagna illuminates bloodshed eyes, glamorous looks, and surge in aggression. They run wild obsessing over physical appearance and attractive looks which have the power to leave human senses struck like a bolt of white light rushing through their mind, body, and soul. 

Their behavior seems to take strange unexpected U-turns and boast unconventional hints to their persona. They are not as smart as others to count their capabilities while go on proceeding with targets and goals that are too impractical to survive. They succeed in putting forward other's ideas taking to front and acknowledging decisions collectively. 

The youth

The youth seem to have no direction at all and are lost in their own virtual reality. They feel difficult to blur the lines between the fictional universe with a realistic universe. Young ones experience turmoils because of their oddly made perceptions about the world as well as life in general. Because of this, they are unable to accomplish the basics of life and need assistance from the grown-ups. Leaving them alone in terms of decision making can land them on the map of troubles.

When Rahu in the first house attracts troubles

This narrative can further deepen a person's struggles with life. They tend to be super unorthodox, and cosmopolitan on various occasions. It also provokes certain hypocrisy. The planet forces the native into an unethical road or in more linguistic terms, they are forced to take a road less traveled (short-cut) in order to achieve their starry dreams. Men and women who are fragile struggle mentally. They are also expected to feel harmed by wild creatures and reptiles. And during medication, they suffer harsh reactions to prescriptions. They are the ones who fall prone to neck injuries the most.
During the childbirth, wives will suffer from abortions or other abdomen issues. The male and female in terms of their health seem to be majorly unlucky. They would be forced to take other treatments like supernatural ones which would later fall back on them negatively. People with high sexual desires will have an abundance of loss in their married life since obsessions lead to madness. It is suggested that males and females share pure relationships with their partners and don't engage in physical desires as it will lead to destroying their lucky charms.

Extreme infatuations via social media between the youth won't attract happiness in their life. They might end up falling in love with a person from a different caste arising to endless troubles. Crushing on strangers just because they hold an untouched beauty will not bring any bounty for you. Stay miles away from crushes if one wants their lives to be less dramatic.

The involvement of Jupiter combined with Lagna will push away troubles leading to straying, infidelity, controversies, scandals, or divorces between spouses. Though internal issues will take rise, it won't lead to major issues.

Explore life with eyes wide open rather than creating unwanted illusions about the real world. In order to survive the struggles of the world, broaden your perspectives. Too often people lose themselves in the fake universe of the idiot box (television sets to drive you insane). Avoid that at all costs! 

There were are well sound remedies for natives' struggles with the basics of life, correlation with Rahu in the first house. These remedies can be wholeheartedly followed and performed to deduct malefic and ill consequences or effects of Rahu in the first house which can be performed to reduce malefic and bad effects of Rahu. Perform them during Mahadasha and Antardasha. Do take cues from proficient astrologers.

Affects listed above in regard of Rahu in the first house should be applied by astrologers in order to foretell the future. There are certain aspects like the placement of a sign in the first house, features of planets, weaknesses and strengths, Mahadasha, Antardasha and so on. It is bound to distort the effect and emphasis of outcomes.