Rahu in Taurus - Meaning And Personality Traits

Rahu in Taurus - Meaning And Personality Traits

People with Rahu in Taurus can rest assured that they are going to have a satisfying life. This stands true not only because they will succeed in achieving the goals of their personal life, but also because they will successfully accumulate a good amount of wealth and reach great heights in their career. These people are achievers, essentially because their motive in life is to garner as much knowledge as possible. They are also equally enthusiastic about enjoying the little things in life.  

Keywords: Appreciative, Successful, Knowledgeable, Materialistic 

The personality of Rahu in Taurus: Decoding 

One of the primary qualities that mark the nature of a person with the presence of Rahu in Taurus is that they are philosophical. Literature is often a matter of great interest for these individuals. They seek lessons from every experience in their lives and that is what makes them so worldly-wise. Their knowledge makes them suitable for positions that require knowledge of different fields and the fact that they are wise often prompts others to seek advice from them.  

However, there being knowledge does not mean that they do not know how to enjoy themselves thoroughly. They are equally inclined towards entertainment as they are towards knowledge. People with Rahu in Taurus are also very materialistic and are also equally hard working. Part of why they work so hard is because they want to have all their materialistic cravings fed. They wish to become wealthy and social position is something they emphasize upon. They believe that it is important to have others by your side and be by others’ side. Their want of money is also because they believe that humans are meant for the service of humankind and doing so becomes easier when you are wealthy and have good social contacts.  

Positive Traits of Rahu in Taurus 

The presence of Rahu in Taurus suggests that such people are very passionate when it comes to accumulating wealth. Although they wish to have a lot of money because they enjoy materialistic pleasures, it is also true that they believe in the service of humankind and money plays a major role in it. They have a spiritual bent of mind and strive to be morally upright, no matter what the circumstances are. Since they tend to be very passionate about their dreams, their spirituality balances the fire within them.  

They are the epitome of balance and this makes it easier for them to lead their lives. They are fighters. They may have faced a lot in life, but they always focus on the brighter side of things. Life is often very harsh on them, but they know how to battle their problems with the immense emotional strength that they are possessors of. They love to be respected for what they believe in and how morally upright they are, and will always offer respect to those who truly deserve it. A person with Rahu in Taurus is very pragmatic and this is also one of the many reasons that such people value money. 

Negative Traits of Rahu in Taurus 

It is already known that when Rahu accompanies a Taurus, the person is very passionate about all their dreams and desires, much of which are intertwined with materialistic pursuits. Although their wealth is something they wish to put to good use, they can end up directing all their energy towards achieving their materialistic goals in life and will eventually find themselves so engrossed in it that they will end up feeling detached from the rest of the world.  Emotional detachment can be stressed for a Taurus with the presence of Rahu because the reason they wanted wealth in the first place is that they wanted to help themselves and others in their surroundings. It is true that these people are very soft-spoken towards every person they happen to come across, but it is also true that they can tend to be manipulative with their gentle words. This may be because they gave some hidden agenda like getting a job done or because they desire to feel attached. However, if someone tries to push them to do something that might make them compromise with their sense of individuality, a Taurus with the presence of Rahu can be very harsh on them. 


While a Taurus’ quest for materialistic pleasures is something that is meant to keep themselves and others around them happy, they could end up missing out on emotions. If they decide to work on it, they can emerge victorious in every challenge that life throws at them.