Rahu in Sagittarius - Meaning And Personality Traits

Rahu in Sagittarius - Meaning And Personality Traits

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign, and it influences the ninth house of the native the most. The ninth house is representative of your religious values and faiths, knowledge, Wisdom, and other higher learnings. And Rahu's presence is responsible for your fame and wealth, as a whole, your success. As a result, when Rahu is present in the natal chart of a Sagittarian, it changes itself into the king of all the signs and ensures that all the qualities of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, are enhanced. Therefore, when Rahu is present, it takes up all the qualities of Jupiter and helps the native to have a change of perspective and a more creative insight. 

Born in: November 22nd – December 21st 

Element & Quality: Fire and Mutable 

Keywords that describe you: Philosophical, Educational, Honorable, Wealthy, Travel Enthusiast, Knowledgeable, Wise, Corrupt, Ill, Lazy, Fantasy, Mental Agony 

Stars who share this placement with you are: Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Bill Gates, Zayn Malik. 

The personality of Rahu in Sagittarius: Decoding  

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, and with Rahu’s presence, it is likely to turn stronger. It makes the individual obsessed with spiritual life and sacrifices. It shows faith and trust towards mankind. This placement ensures that the native builds a strong personality that is grim and has a stern faith. They have two-mindedness, and it is a superpower in some cases. It enables them to be good at studies and academics. Their doctrines of life are usually unchangeable as they have a strong mindset and stronger will. They are spiritual and philosophical about their ways of life. They tend to get quiet and thoughtful with time. They are wise and liberated, it makes them good at studies. They have a strong desire for higher learning and seek to attain great things in life. 

Positive Traits of Rahu in Sagittarius: 

Rahu is one of the most feared planets, but it is just a shadow planet. When Rahu is present in Sagittarius, the native tends to get involved with the artistic approaches at their work. They are usually very excited and enthusiastic about traveling. They have a great energy rate, and that makes it even more convenient for Sagittarius to work harder to attain their goals. They are inherently intuitive and thoughtful. It suggests that they value emotions over logic, and it is a sign of their dreamy nature.  

They do not possess a prejudiced mind and can miss the bigger perspective, but they never fail to judge their worth and bag good opportunities. These natives are excited by nature and can seem phony to people. However, even with an unsteady mind, they are capable of shining bright in their respective careers. Rahu bestows the native with a flourishing career full of happy moments and enables them to travel to faraway lands, as well. 

Negative Traits of Rahu in Sagittarius: 

When Rahu is in Sagittarius, one is likely to experience an urge to involve in wrong things and invest in wrong places. They take the help of falsehood and become destructive. The duality in their nature can be their indecisiveness, but it is most representative of their hypocrisy. They claim their reputation falsely. They are likely to fail in embracing spirituality because of their corrupt mindset and inherent lack of integrity. These individuals have troubling relationships with their parents, especially their fathers, and even if they try to make amends, they are likely to fail at their attempts. 

People with this placement have the eagerness to succeed, but they fail to acquire the desired love they seek and deserve. Their relationships usually fail, it is because they are not capable of fulfilling the expectations. They are hesitant and are unable to fall in love until they find their soulmate. Rahu's presence often makes it difficult to stay true to self. 


In Hindu mythology, the story of Rahu and Ketu plays a significant role. But Rahu’s presence in the concepts of Vedic astrology is all the more interesting, as well as enlightening. Rahu in Sagittarius, according to Vedic astrology, holds an important position in your life. It blesses the native with a philosophical approach and a spiritual mindset. These will also make sure that the natives are calm than the others who think about the peculiar things of nature. It will also provide you with a logical and fundamental approach to life.