Rahu in Pisces – Meaning And Personality Traits

The presence of Rahu in Pisces suggests that the person is going to feel strongly connected to family members. They like to be surrounded by people who know them well enough. Even though this position does not assure that their love relationship is going to be premised on loyalty, they will nevertheless feel attached to the people close to them. They are family-oriented people and will not think twice before sacrificing themselves for the well-being of their family members. These people can also garner wealth without expecting it to come their way. Chances are that the wealth will be provided by some foreign source.  

Keywords: Family-oriented, Self-sacrificing, wealthy, empathy. 

The personality of Rahu in Pisces: Decoding 

When Rahu accompanies Pisces, the person can turn out to be very family-oriented. Such people will always put the interest of the family above their selfish interest because they love their near and dear ones with all their hearts. They will not compromise with the happiness of their family but will be ready to compromise with their happiness if that makes their family happier. This does not necessarily mean that people with Rahu in Aries are always loyal towards their partner. Instead, this means that despite all the conflicts, they will come together to nurture their children.  

These people are very conscious about their bodies and can end up making the wrong decisions for their health. They have a lot of aspirations but will never express them because they think that their dreams will come in way of their attaining respect. A person with Rahu in Pisces believes that life is full of danger at every step and therefore, is always on the lookout for stability.  

Positive Traits of Rahu in Pisces 

The presence of Rahu in Pisces implies that such people are devoted towards their family and can give away anything for the happiness of their family members. Although they do not like to make sacrifices, it is also true that they value their family bonds more than any other thing in life. They will encounter fresh experiences every day and will eventually learn about what suits them best. They do not want to be emotionally hurt, but when they happen to be hurt due to unavoidable circumstances, they try to focus on the bright side of things. They are clear in the head, but can sometimes get deceived as well.  

However, these problems always subside and they are back on track with just the same amount of energy over and over again. It is this ability to bounce back despite all odds that makes them one of the most attractive people. There are a lot of hardships in the initial stages of their life and when they have known how it feels to be in a vulnerable position, they will understand the misery of everyone going through the same and help them out in all possible ways. 

Negative Traits of Rahu in Pisces 

People with the presence of Rahu in Pisces are calculative and will analyze every situation before they finally make a move. At times, they think so hard that they end up overlooking some important factors. They can end up getting misguided by their overtly analytical nature. Though they believe that they are capable of maintaining time, when they happen to realize that they have made the wrong decision, they are no longer in control of themselves. When they venture out on something, they begin it with all their passion. But, a lot of times, the spirit gets diminished when they begin to face failure. They strictly believe that punctuality is the key to solving their problems and they are so obsessed with it that they become indifferent to the other important aspects. 

 A Pisces with the presence of Rahu can feel alienated from the rest of the world. However, it is not others who are responsible for this experience of theirs. They find it difficult to get to terms with people. When they come across such experiences, they begin to understand what they like and this is a step ahead in the process of self-discovery.  


When Rahu is accompanied by Pisces, the most important thing turns out to be the person’s attachment with the family members. They will prioritize their family over everything on this planet and that is what they derive peace from. It is the emotions of their loved ones that they value most. 

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