Rahu in First house

Rahu in First house

 There are two different aspects here:

1) Rahu: Rahu is basically considered a demon planet and is mostly unobservable. It's the hardest to please and the most influential of fortune because Rahu does absolute bad rather than good almost every time. It's also considered to be a huge controller of human nature, aura, inclinations, and mood swings.

2) The 1st House: The First House is called the Lagana. The first house is a definition of you. It describes the body the appearance you were born with, what is your general outlook, your nature, temperament. It's the identifying house, the house of physical fitness, and the pink health.


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The people with Rahu in the first house are usually the personality of Kings. They are overly charming people, with fervent energy, interesting aura. They are the lives of the party, though they are independent people. They don't take the painstakings of other people upon them. They are highly attractive with large heads. They are intelligent people, sharp-witted, and are decision-makers of the moment. They are always high on sexual fever and have amazing potentials of libido. They are free birds and can't bear with any constraints that are tried to be put upon them. They are analytically and pragmatically smart and are good at mathematical skills. They are very argumentative people. It's hard to win them over in arguments. It's not because they may have better points but it's mostly because they are very overpowering and domineering. They are brave and extraverted, don't fear to face situations and can move forward with all their hearts.

These people are mostly lone-wolves. Howsoever attractive these people may be, they are mostly lonely in the long run. This is because of their arrogant and unwinnable spirits. They are not ready to accept the views of other people. They are eccentric to other people in terms of their points of view. They are selfish, self-centered and insecure. They are basically the portrayals of the great characters of Shakespeare like Hamlet(powerful but full of doubt), Othello(full of suspicion), Macbeth(full of conceit). They are usually lethargic, dishonest, and usually don't put up with the goodness of other people. They can't reciprocate happiness and love. They are the ones to rise the zenith very quickly and even fall faster from there. Rahu in the first house always coincides with Rahu being in the 5th house, representing love, 7th house, representing association with the opposite sex, and 9th house, representing good fortune or destiny. These people have many partners both sexually and emotionally. They usually stay highly discontented with the people in their lives. Usually, it's on the basis of suspicion.

The early part of the life of the person is usually full of obstacles though later in life it is quite easy. They move up the rungs of success quite easily. They have a hap for materialistic life. The Lal Kitab mentions that such people should not exchange electronic or metal items from there in-laws' side. They should donate black sesame, black leather, and copper on Saturday. They should chant the Durga Mantra or the Beej Mantra to do away with the ill-effects of Rahu. People should offer 400gm of lead in flowing water. They should wear silver on the neck. They should offer coconut in running water. They should offer milk with barley in the ratio 1:4 and offer in running water.