Rahu in Dhanu

Rahu in Dhanu

Sagittarius is a symbol of wisdom and Jupiter is its ruling planet. Sagittarius in itself is a dual sign when placed with Rahu can make the native double-minded. The native is always in seek of knowledge and education. There is an interest in higher learning and spiritual realms. Despite Spiritual tendencies, there is an inclination towards falsehood and corruption. Also, they may portray themselves to be highly spiritual while not being as strongly influenced by it. Troubles with father are predicted and also may suffer from illness. Scuff among relatives is also quite predictable. They are always interested in a public or social discussion. Their efforts and the rewards are not at par. There is a lot of travel overseas. The native is more interested in logic than that of intuition. The native is often carried away by smaller things and misses the big picture. The native is also fickle-minded and never resorts to one thing. He is quite dubious of his mentality. He is argumentative and speaks his heart. His ambitious behavior makes him aim at multiple tasks and can lose focus on even one of them eventually. He is frank and loves adventures which may pose a threat to him. He has a lot of knowledge that can be used for research. The native has a lot of luck in baby girls. The native has content behavior and is always happy. He has a restricted circle and success comes to him slowly but is sure-fire. The native’s positive approach may help him overcome any obstacles leading him to ultimate success. He is quite reflective of his surroundings and may change accordingly. Always over-programmed, he struggles to keep up with the cluster of details and people that complete his life. He has a lot to do, and yet at the end of each day, he feels distracted from his purpose. At some point, he will debate over whether to live in a large city or in the country. The conflict is really between the continuation of his past-life’s need to be social and his present-life desire to be away from them.

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Rahu in Sagittarius wants to be thought of as natural, intellectual, and broad-minded. This is a person of such changeable emotions that he or she may be mistaken for a phony with no stand of his own. He has trouble focusing on one thing at a time and tends to scatter energy to the point where objectives seldom reach completion. Restlessness keeps dreams in a dual state so that they are never clearly defined. In effect, this person might be in inception.

Remedies for Sagittarius imbalance:

The native should be encouraged to share specialized knowledge that he has, either by teaching or other means – writing, public speaking, research, etc. As with Scorpio, the study of philosophy is desirable. Religious studies or Spiritual studies could also prove helpful. The client’s intuition should be elevated and given a positive outlook. Study of dreams, astrology, graphology, and many branches of parapsychology could be good, although you should be very certain that the native is level-headed to use these in a proper fashion. Travel is very often beneficial. Work that involves giving tourists various types of information (i.e. tour guide, travel agent, hotel information desk, etc.) could be very rewarding.