Rahu in Aries - Meaning And Personality Traits

Rahu in Aries - Meaning And Personality Traits

Vedic astrology suggests that the presence of Rahu in Aries can have both positives and negatives. As far as such a person’s personal life is concerned, they are very content in their conjugal life. Their family is always at peace and they have a major contribution in keeping everyone happy. They are people who do not let others' opinions bother them and therefore, achieve great heights in life. Although they are instinctive and love materialistic pleasures, they know how to earn them for themselves. 

Keywords: Instinctive, Caring, Materialistic, Eager 

The personality of Rahu in Aries: Decoding 

When Rahu makes its presence felt in Aries, a person tends to be content with their family life. Be it their partner or their parents, they always arrive at a mutual understanding with the people they live with. They are kind people and therefore, everyone in their family loves them dearly. The presence of Rahu in Aries also implies that such people are going to be materialistic and desirous of wealth. This can sometimes push them to take risks and make decisions and though others may think that they are being deceived by greed, they are extremely calculative about every move that they make.  

They believe in taking charge of their destiny and therefore, will not lie back from putting their heart and soul into achieving what they want. They dream big and will make every move to make those dreams turn true. This is also enabled by their capacity to ignore the negative comments that the people in their vicinity might pour in. They barely care about others because their dreams are the most important to them. Neither will they let a third person affect their personal life, nor their professional life.  

Positive Traits of Rahu in Aries 

The presence of Rahu in Aries can bring about great results. Such a placement suggests that the person will be extremely ambitious and their ambitions are what motivate them to achieve great heights. They are persistent in their efforts and cannot afford to have their dreams shattered. They live to create a life of their imagination and most of them succeed in doing so. A lot of people may opine that they make rash judgments, but they will not make any decision before they have known that this is what they want from life. They are cautious of every move and will weigh the pros and cons before they arrive at any decision. Their managerial abilities make them the most suitable for professions like project managers, business people, and especially when they opt for some kind of administrative services.  

They are very intelligent and know how to execute their plans effectively. Others often question their risk-taking nature, but they firmly believe that success does not follow those who are afraid of taking risks. To make things work, it is a must to take a risk. Their competitive nature takes them a long way.  

Negative Traits of Rahu in Aries 

While the presence of Rahu in Aries is marked by intense passion, this passion can also become the reason behind their delusion. They love to reside in a make-believe world and this translates to the idea that they can often end up restricting themselves to their imagination. Their failure to look at the real-world scenario can land them in trouble. They are also very stubborn when their decisions come into the picture and they are most likely to deny any help from others because they believe in discovering things for themselves. However, it is not always wise to rely on risks. After all, experienced people are called so for a reason. Seeking help from those who have expertise in the field is not going to prove that they are incapable. It will only mean that they are wise. Their impulses can turn out to be a major cause of stress from them. As a result, they may be faced with some minor health issues like headache, anxiety, and in some serious cases, depression. They tend to rush when it comes to making decisions and they often forget that each of their moves has an impact on the people surrounding them. 


The presence of Rahu in Aries implies that the person is at peace with oneself and knows what he/she wants from life. However, they must turn their dreams into an obsession because that will not only affect them but will also affect their near and dear ones.