Rahu in Aquarius - Meaning And Personality Traits

Rahu in Aquarius - Meaning And Personality Traits

When Rahu accompanies Aquarius, the person can turn out to be cunning and are strategic when it comes to achieving any goal in life. They may suffer from some serious health problem in their lifetime. It is also possible that these people will not be satisfied with their sex life and this can become a reason behind intense tension between couples. They are self-centered individuals who do not care about how others might feel.  

Keywords: Self-centred, Strategic, disillusioning, self-obsessed. 

The personality of Rahu in Aquarius: Decoding 

When Rahu happens to be residing in the seventh house of an Aquarius, the person can be very selfish. They will not compromise with anything in life and will go to any extent to turn their dreams into reality. It is partly because they are so obsessive about their dreams that they cannot imagine a life where their dreams will not come true. They do have a certain imagination regarding their love life and their marital life, both of which are essentially compromised of a happy sex life for them. If any of their desires are not fulfilled, it can become increasingly challenging for others to deal with them.  

Their family members are also not supportive of them, essentially because they are stubborn. This nature of theirs affects every relationship and it will also affect a person with Rahu in Capricorn and this has a direct impact on their health and personality. When their work-life comes into the picture, they fail to strike a balance because they are intensely passionate about whatever they take up. They will devise plans to get their work done, no matter what the consequences might be.  

Positive Traits of Rahu in Aquarius 

Usually, an Aquarius is the most stable of all zodiac signs. They are expressive and are very friendly. This makes sure that they share a good bond with their family members, including their children. They are also very patient when it comes to dealing with people and this is why people consider them to be good as parents and as partners. They are achievers.  

Even though the initial days in their life may not be wonderful, they tend to become happier with time. Their mid-twenties are their happiest days because they believe in living their youth and enjoying themselves thoroughly. They are also insistent on achieving success. While their success is bound to arrive with or without the presence of Rahu, Rahu can affect other aspects of their life. For instance, certain placements of Rahu can cause trouble in their lives. Although they will achieve what they desire at any cost, it is also true that they might have to compromise with their family life. Even though they do not believe in repenting what they have done and this prevents them from feeling sad to some extent, they do feel the need for life support. When they do approach their family members, they will embrace them with all their hearts. 

Negative Traits of Rahu in Aquarius 

The presence of Rahu in Aquarius can cause some serious trouble in one’s life. Such people are obsessed with materialistic pleasures and this is the only motivation behind their hard work. They are so drowned in materialistic pursuits that they sometimes end up sacrificing the values that they grew up cherishing. Desire can ruin them in the long run. Even though they will go to any extent to attain what they wish to and become successful, their success will not remain with them forever. Their aspirations can detach them from their family members, especially their partners. 

In marital relationships, the person with Rahu in Aquarius is not satisfied with their sex life. It is either because of detachment that they do not experience pleasure or it is because of the lack of physical pleasure that they do not experience any sense of attachment. They want to experience everything with a lot of passion and this is perhaps a make-believe world that they love to reside in. They ought to acknowledge that life is full of ups and downs, and not every day is exciting. 


The presence of Rahu in Aquarius implies that such people are bound to be successful in their middle ages. They can savor the luxuries in the latter half of their lives. However, there are chances that they can feel alienated because of the conflict with their family members. If they wish to lead a happy life, they must mend things before it is too late.