Rahu In 6th House: Good or Bad?

Rahu In 6th House: Good or Bad?

Rahu is a shadow planet that is recognized to have a malefic presence, that is, its presence might mean some kind of challenge or harm is coming your way. However, even if this is how it is perceived to be, planetary placements and alignments in the horoscope chart can change this to something positive and pleasant at times as well. Rahu in the 6th house is generally termed as a positive location for Rahu in a horoscope. Rahu in the sixth house is not powerful alone. It will be influential only when other celestial bodies are aligned at a suitable angle. Rahu mostly gives auspicious results in the sixth house since it is malefic, and malefic planet in the malefic house will try to overcome any destructive effects.

Meaning of Sixth House

Highly influenced by planets like Mercury and Ketu, the sixth house is often considered as the house of enemies, debt, and health issues like diabetes.


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Effects of Rahu in the Sixth House

As per Indian astrology, Rahu in the sixth house is ruled by planet Mercury and Ketu and Ketu get exalted, which will bring positive results.

Personal life and Health Benefits

This placement of Rahu in the sixth house will bring benefits to the person and there would be a harmonious environment at the native’s home. Apart from this, the native with Rahu in the sixth house will also indulge in a lot of lavish spending, especially on clothes. Altogether, they will lead a comfortable and light-hearted life.

The native will have increased physical and mental stamina due to Rahu being in the sixth house. When Rahu and moon end up together in the sixth house, the individuals experience a massive positive enhancement in their personality.

When Rahu is in the sixth House, natives are also likely to enjoy immense physical health. Even if they are affected by any ailments during this period, they will be able to cure it promptly and effectively.

The personality traits of such individuals include being free-spirited. Intelligence and courage are the other two major characteristics these individuals possess.

Success at the Workplace

At the workplace too, the natives with this placement won’t face much work pressure. In addition to this, they wouldn’t have any major worries at work as they remain calm and playful. Their intellect will help them reach good heights and push them towards achieving all their goals in the professional domain. They will not have to put huge efforts and hard work to grow professionally. They will be successful in overcoming most of the hurdles and emerge safely at the workplace.

If Mars, Saturn, and Sun are in agreement with Rahu in the sixth house, it is highly helpful. This means the natives easily overcome tribulations and win over their enemies. They are powerful enough to defeat their competitors.

Challenging Norms

The natives with Rahu in the sixth house wish to acquire privileges associated with servitude. So, when Rahu enters the sixth house, they get success in their endeavors through the service of others. They have a strong drive to serve those who are facing opposition and discords.

They often end up doing disruptive things in fields involving poverty, illness, and oppression. This leads to having sudden gains. Moreover, they may have gains or losses with involvements in loans, litigations, and contract breakage. They have a tendency to challenging conventional modes and methods pertaining to alliance formations in society.

Some adverse effects

Individuals with Rahu in the sixth house are likely to have problems with their siblings and friends. The bad effects tend to continue when Rahu is in conjecture with Mars and Mercury lying in the 12th house.

Also, Rahu in association with Saturn or Sun leads to offspring. But when Rahu is in combination with Mercury, the children are likely to be careless and irresponsible towards studies.

When Rahu is in combination with Venus, the native might be involved in some extra-marital affairs, which will negatively affect their social reputation. Their personal life will be scandalous and disturbed.

The natives are also prone to accidents and injuries. So a lot of caution should be taken to avoid such situations which may cause them to harm their physical body. They might also suffer from diseases that won’t be diagnosed easily.

Apart from these, the adverse placement of Mercury and Mars in the 12th house can also lead to loss of wealth for the native.


Overall, Rahu being in the sixth house is a good position for the planet. Rahu will magnify the result of the sign-in which it is sitting as it is a magnifier. It makes you strong, brave, and affluent and triumphs above all. However, you are suggested not to apply these blindly, merely seeing the sign and planet occupying the house. You are suggested to get your personal horoscope evaluated by a good astrologer.