Rahu is entering in the zodiac of Taurus at the date of 23rd of September, 2020. It will shower both the benefit as well as the malefic effects, depending on the nature of each of the zodiac signs. The time of the entrance of the planet will be at 10:43 a.m. It stays for 18 months and therefore the effect is long-lasting.

Here are the predictions of each of the effects that Rahu is going to bestow on the signs:


Rahu is favourable for the zodiac, Aries. Due to the influence of Jupiter on this zodiac, there will be a disturbance in the mind-set of an individual. There will struggle to gain profit in the field of earning. Lots of efforts need to be showered to get what you desire. There should be a balance between the personal and the professional life to grow the business quite well.


For the sun-sign, Taurus, Rahu will bestow with the physical and mental imbalance. There will be sadness related to any kind of activity. The chances of suffering due to the health issues, concerned to the stomach will be quite high. There will be a lack of progress and the stress level will arise. People might try to defame you as well. Due to the influence of Jupiter, there will be an improvement in all these spheres as well.


Rahu is inauspicious for the sun-sign, Gemini. Due to the influence of Mars, it is very important to stay alert and be aware. There will be a great chance for expenditure. Without hard work,  success won’t be visible. Health will be normal.


For the Cancer, Rahu is auspicious. It will strengthen the spheres in finance and money. You will suddenly be blessed with achievement in the monetary sector within a short period of time. Due to the Jupiter’s influence, mental and physical health will do really great. You will come across a good company of people or friends as well.


For the sun-sign, Leo, Rahu will have a mixed effect. In the spheres of job and work, there will be great support given by the partners. There will be good progress in education as well. The health condition will be neutral. There will be no improvement either harm due to anything regarding the health issues. It is advisable to be careful while investing yourself in a new project or work. It is better not to indulge.


For the Virgos, with the confluence of many people, you will gain success after the struggle. There will be a lack of degradation in the thoughts related to religion or spirituality. There will be disturbances related to the happiness of the family. The students are needed to struggle for concentration and by doing that they will be successful in achieving what they want.


Rahu will be inauspicious for the Libras. You will be tangled with the problems formed physically or mentally. There will be a sense of depression related to any activity you do. You will be worried due to family. Due to the influence of Mars, you might undergo situations related to accidents. A forgotten disease might arise from nowhere. Depression is highly a major concern.


For the sun-sign, Scorpio, Rahu will create obstacles in the contentment or happiness in the family. There will be a blockage in terms of health-related problems. There will be an imbalance due to the financial conditions. The sense of expenditure will be high on the track. The source of income will be limited. You will be restless or frustrated in the spheres of the job or the business. You will tend to listen less to the advice of people and that will cause you to improve in your life. Avoid conflicts.


Rahu is going to shower auspicious days for the Sagittarius. Due to the influence of Saturn, the effects will be nearly invisible. You will not get what you deserve according to the immense efforts you have given for a certain job. There will be a juggle of profit and loss in the sector of finance. The business will work out for a little and go to a stagnant position. Such situations will prevail.


For the Capricorn, the Rahu is favourable. It will be the reason for the mental struggle or imbalance in the thought process.  It will also cause trouble in the spheres of children’s worries. You will be suffering from diseases, especially related to the stomach. The students need to dedicate and aware of their work. In the spheres of money, it will turn out to be beneficial.


For the sun-sign, Aquarius, Rahu will cause malefic effects in the period concerned. Due to the influence of Saturn, there will be worries related to health, conflicts among the family members will arise quite a lot. There will be sadness related to work equally. Progress and prosperity will be very slow and will deserve a lot of hard work to establish something.


Rahu will be auspicious for the Pisces. There will be growth in personalities and fame. Your self-respect will be protected. With the help of the acquaintances, there will be growth in terms of business or finance. A chance for the new business or project is also favourable. A little effort will help you reach your destination.