Rahu as the rising star in the Horoscope or birth chart

Rahu as the rising star in the Horoscope or birth chart

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is given due importance. This planet does not have any physical existence but is rather a shadow planet also known as the North Node of the moon. Rahu is generally accepted to be a negative planet as it craves for materialistic desire and wants to have everything in the world. Rahu represents a fascination for foreign travel and other luxuries in life.

Rahu in Ascendant or First House

Rahu in Ascendant house (The first house of the chart is also known as Ascendant) generally brings positive and good results for the native. Otherwise, this planet varies from person to person due to different signs in the first house; as changing signs are ruled by different lords. Though, if it is placed in the first house alongside a good sign, Rahu can bring sudden wealth to the individual. This planet indicates cleverness and wit, possibly making the native short tempered yet he would be intelligent with sharp wit and mind. Such a person would be able to achieve a high position in his career and profession through his unique ideas and sincere efforts.

Native can create great wealth

Rahu in the first house denotes a never-ending desire to accumulate more wealth and luxury during the life span of a person. Driven by materialistic aspects in life, early part of natives’ life might be full of hurdles but soon with their dedicated efforts, they would acquire great success and in turn make huge wealth in life. They will have multiple chances for foreign travel in their lifetime mostly via air travels. Even if they fail in their endeavors, they are quick to adopt different means and methods to reach great heights in their respective careers. Rahu in the first house influenced natives might not give seconds thoughts about the means of their income and wealth as long as they reach their goals and get what they want as per the effects of Rahu in the Ascendant.

Attitude towards Oneself

An individual with Rahu in Lagna or the Ascendant house are much conscious about their appearance and looks. The natives think of themselves very highly, even making them believe that they are special and the chosen ones. They made up a mind with their privileged outlook towards life and think that they are way better and superior to others. However, the good thing about them is that they are courageous enough to initiate and formulate new methodologies at their workplace or even the society at large. An ability to welcome the change and create a difference is what separates them from the load.

Attitude towards others

With Rahu in the first house or Ascendant prompts the natives to conduct a fake show in front of others to project their worth in the eyes of others, in this fake show most of the time they deceive themselves. These individuals can easily be tricked off by illusions and show off as they regard all things glittery and shining are always gold. Thusly, anyone can easily fake off and cheat them with a deceiving show and pomp act. Rahu is known for its mischievous code of conduct, henceforth it will be unethical and disregards the principle of life just to satisfy their hunger for temporary goals.

The native will be successful in warding off enemies

Rahu in first house or Ascendant is a good positioning in terms of blowing off the enemies. The enemy of the native most often than not will have to go through unforeseen hurdles or a threat to life and even unexpected death as Rahu is positioned in the eighth house from the sixth house of an enemy.

Rahu makes the person self-obsessed

Rahu in the Ascendant house will make a person pretty selfish and self-obsessed; these individuals might even be reluctant in taking their responsibilities. It would make them egocentric and would not allow the individual to think for anybody other than themselves. Self-absorbed and self-seeking Rahu ascendant individuals would never be able to make a relationship success, especially with Rahu-Ketu in the 1-7 axis. Marriage becomes a burden for these individuals as they shy away from their responsibilities and soon get bored with their partners. They run behind new charms all the time and thus the problems in marriage arise pretty soon for them. Due to their negligence, their married life eventually ends up in divorce or separation from their respective partners.

Rahu in First house and career

Rahu placed in the Ascendant house makes an individual ambitious, success-driven, motivated, and someone inclined towards technology. They are keen to put their heart and soul into their dedicated efforts to achieve their career as well as all materialistic goals. Rahu in Lagna is known to give native massive success in politics or any authoritative position, as always at the back of their minds they desire to control and rule masses.

Connection to Foreign Things

The north node can also be regarded as all foreign things, Rahu in the first house makes the individual go crazy about foreign things whether be it as residency or foreign interests. Foreign travel or permanent settlement is very much possible with Rahu in Ascendant house for the native, only in case the rest of the horoscope aligns too. Therefore, most of the time these individuals either feel out of the place or an outcast. With Rahu in the first house, a native has an eccentric and dynamic personality, it makes them stand out from the rest. Henceforth, life will never be ordinary for natives with Rahu in Lagna.


At the end of the day, when all is said and done, the best thing about Rahu in Ascendant house is that their wallets will never run out of cash. They are borne to enjoy great wealth and luxury in life. With spending innumerable hours in front of the mirror admiring oneself, all these traits can be traced commonly in the personality or characteristics of the native with Rahu in the first house or as a rising star.