Rahu Antardasha

Rahu Antardasha

Usually, during a certain period of life, one of the planets becomes dominant and starts controlling the path and the momentary destiny of the person for that certain period of time. This is called the planet's Mahadasha or Vishomttari Mahadasha. Each Mahadasha is divided into nine different time segments, one with each of the nine planets, while one of the planets is dominant, others minorly influence, it's called an Antardasha. Rahu is usually a demon planet and people with Rahu as their dominant planet are usually very witty, mischievous, dominating, and lion-like. They are not make-believe, and cannot be taken in by foolish things. They are analytical and calculative rather than emotional and hence make bread leaders in such aspects. Though these people are not someone who can get to listening to others, they are more like correct in their own ways.

Well, it's not like that a period of Rahu Mahadasha or a Rahu-Rahu Antardasha is absolutely bad, as per the notorious nature of the planet. Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu Antardasha usually brings out the unexpected upheavals in one's luck. You never know when you may get lucky or you when your misfortune starts playing out. It brings out the best and the worst Fortune of the person. If the planet is not nicely placed, like in the 8th house, then Rahu will do amazing harm to you. It may result is downfall, conflicts, accidents, misfortune, misery. In case Rahu is nicely placed during the Mahadasha or Antardasha, then Rahu bestows the person with the ultimate success, both in the personal and professional field. The Mahadasha of both Shani and Rahu are said to be the ones which can turn people from "राजा" to "रंक" and similarly from "रंक" to "राजा". Rahu being the symbolism of demon also makes people incline to demonic habits, inhuman norms like alcoholism, violence, non-vegetarianism. Diseases like cancer, ulcers, tumors, leprosy may dominate as the I'll effects. 

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Rahu Mahadasha lasts for eighteen years(pretty long). This period marks both auspicious and inauspicious events. A person is usually very fidgety during the time. The person's mind does not settle for any particular thing. One wanders lonely for most parts. One may also wander out of one's home abroad. 

The person involves in evil deeds in this Antardasha segment. One may develop materialistic inclinations. He's in a state of possession or "माया". Everything is such an illusion for this person. Rahu may develop a lot of confusion, it will cause a person from going astray from one's path. People around the Rahu affected people will actually start telling lies and behave like a hoax. In the end, the people will understand the fakeness they have been around with. The good thing with the Rahu affected people is that all the fake, wrong and the negative things will be surfaced and it is enough to open their eyes. Rahu Dasha is followed by the Jupiter Dasha and hence things start looking up, they gradually become better, people start getting out of their obsessions and the materialism.

There may be tensions in the domestic front also. Like family conflicts and trifles may arise. The child of the family may catch a disease. The marital state of people may suffer and end in extreme cases. There may be loss of wealth and property, longtime ailments. There may be unwanted intruders in-home or petty thefts and stealth. There may be constant agitation with relatives, antagonism with elders. This period marks distress and diseases. On the outside front, people are mostly okayish. Like they may gain some new jobs, position, acquisition of new property, promotion, and such.

Some basic remedies include allaying the effects of Rahu Dasha includes:

• Worshipping Shiva or Bhairava. This will propitiate Rahu to lessen its effects 

• Recitation of the Rahu Beej Mantra, at least 18000 times in 40 days is also a remedy.

• Chanting of Kalbhairav asthakam, Durga Saptsati, Rahu Strotam also reduces the effects of Rahu.

• Donate Urad dal, black sesame or chana, coconut, black clothes on Saturday.

• Wear gomedh gemstone on expert's advice.

• Respect your elders and also respect the poor people. Don't agitate them during the period.

• Remove all non-functioning, useless, unused items from home.

• Keep proper positive lightings at home, clean your main gate.

• The use of Moonstones and Citrine pencils will also help as remedies.

• Salt fasting on Saturdays also helps.

• Silver things are said to be good to please Rahu, like an elephant made of silver.