Radical revelations in Sagittarius during this blue moon.

Radical revelations in Sagittarius during this blue moon.

The entire year was sealed under one roof; quarantine. We have had our share of various emotions and feelings that each one of us meanders through it. This is the most momentous month of all times, Halloween is just around the corner. October 2020 as of now seems to be hitting at the right notes. We have finally arrived where this month we have been madly waiting for. Spooky October rings bells for various lights shining bright as the full Blue Moon emerges from the sky nearing the end of this month. Change is constant. Embrace the world of change. Sagittarius will be rising high with notes of change, there is no doubt about that. This is the season where you become an ode to your old self. The revelations of Sagittarius occurs to take place at a very special time. It remains one of a kind and rare at the lens of thyself.




This month has got a lot of surprises in store for you. October 2020 will bring a tremendous spookiness into your life and welcome with open arms. Full Blue Moon will be seen emerging through the corners of the sky as we near the end of October. Blue Moon indicates the second full moon of October. It is considered very crucial as it takes its turn in the zodiac sign Taurus. This attracts new opportunities to crouch itself into the warm side. Even though it is a very chaotic month, it scratches the surface where being grounded is a concern. However, some radio revelations will be unraveled. Unpredictable aspects will emerge on the lines of the lunation. For Sagittarius, a lot of brand new stuff will arrive in unexpected ways. This October will mold itself into a thing of newness. A massive shift will take leaps forward. The scrubbing reward for this month is the exchange of energy. The more optimistic you grow, the more you become prone to good things in life. The culmination of the past and present implies a specific change. The doors of newness will be ready at the end of the day. There is no room for tension brimming out of distress. The times seem to thin with time. Nevertheless, change is the only way that keeps people bonded together collectively for a special movement. While you are on the way to self-change, a revolution, you must be a little cautious.





This is regarded as the second full moon of 2020 in October. And happens to be 2020's only full moon to float in the sky. This will also raise the realm of Taurus which is deemed as one of the fixed earth signs. Matters of money and love will be brimming in full circles from the lens of illumination. Emotional waves of the sun will be enormous in terms of motivation, focus points, and make sure that your full moon objectives are waving at the right time and right direction. When you favor tiny intentions, you are prone to attracting love as well as themes of finances to either a very big culmination or a halt. However, one must be tuned into their master plans. They are not supposed to be comfortable with other people's plans. A wild planet is most likely to take it's a gigantic stance towards the cycle of the lunation. Try to roll the dice is change with the flow of full moon, the change will be thereby accentuated. Full moons indicate certain energies and a cluster of them release it. This is the right time and space to stave off any toxic patterns. You can start afresh in all aspects as well as reboot the system your way now. This is the correct time to do so. You are supposed to take a break from the usual routines teamed with certain habits that influence badly upon you. As we spin across towards a Sagittarius sign, you might she'd out would skin and make a room for new skin. You will evolve and grow with time, keeping in mind, you need two hands to clap.