There are several ways one tends to get one future predicted, and especially while one is superstitious or when one believes in the magic of predictions. Speaking of magical experiences, you might have had a list of questions that you wish to ask and you might also expect the answers in return, right? Well, then it is time to take that list of questions out and ask them one by one to the deck of those tarot cards.


So, while we talk about tarot cards, for all those who do not even have the slightest idea about how these cards work let us tell you. The 78 card deck of tarot cards is designed to give you a reality check about your life and to give you guidance about certain aspects of your life. Every card in the tarot deck represents different twists and turns, every card has significance on your life.

 The tarot cards spread represents your entire fate in front of you, and it’s just a matter of time when you flip your desired cards to get the answers to your questions. Speaking of what tarot means, let us also tell you that these cards are divided into two categories- Major arcana cards and minor arcana cards.

To begin with, the major arcana cards, are twenty-two in number and these cards tend to display the bigger picture in life and express more serious and long terms goals in one’s life. On the contrary, the minor arcana cards are fifty-six in number and these cards are further divided into four suits. These cards, unlike the major arcana cards, tend to display and express day-to-day minor issues and your daily tarotscope.



 Coming on to the next segment of this article, since we have had the appropriate amount of insight about what tarot cards hold and express. But the ultimate question that arises is the fact that being a tarot reader your self will you ever read your cards? Do you have the guts and strength to pull out your fortune through that deck? Well, as per a lot of tarot readers, the answer is mostly no. So, let us have a look at the reasons behind this answer.



So, while we talk about the reasons to support the fact that why should professional tarot readers not read their tarot cards, one of the first reasons sure are that professionals do tend to memorize their cards after one point in time. When one is a beginner, things seem a little extra exciting and the professionals have fun understanding and learning new aspects of all the cards and it is interesting to know these cards.

 But while you become a pro and you have a hack of all the readings then the excitement of choosing and examining your reading gets faded. This is also because once you become fluent with the readings there is nothing new for you. So, guys, it’s better not to read your cards as that sounds like a bad idea to us.


Well, while we just mentioned above that when you’re beginners then the learning process is still a little interesting and exciting, but once you get fluent and perfectly aware of every card then the interest and excitement tend to fade away a little.

Likewise, if you will be having the exact idea about what cards represent what, then there is a chance that your readings will always tend to reflect some sort of biases that you already have in mind. So, that is the reason that you better take some outer perspective to read your cards as that way you get an opinion from the outer end and you will not feel biased about your results.

So, all in all, this is what our perspective of professional tarot readings says, the rest is all on you that whether or not you want to read your fortune through that deck of cards.

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