Quarantine Activities for each zodiac Sign

Quarantine Activities for each zodiac Sign

Didn’t get time to follow or practice your hobby or something that you had always loved but because of our busy schedules and work pressure we have never been able to take out enough time for ourselves and always think of doing the stuff in some spare time. So, now is the time when all of us are under lockdown and are quarantined. Although we are well aware of this pandemic COVID-19 which has hit our lives hard and affected the whole world.

The situation is still not under control where all the countries are trying their best to get hold of this situation quickly. All schools, malls, cinema halls, markets and restaurants are closed so we have nowhere to go. This is when we have realised that we can live a decent life without these things also and what eventually stays with you is your family and relations. We have said no to social distancing and are self-isolated to avoid the spread of this virus. We are staying indoors and trying to unleash our inner talents in this hard time. Astrology can help us with that.

Our zodiac signs under which we are born can help us select and practice things to do at home as it to a great extent influences our personality. Our traits according to our zodiac sign can help us know the activity we can do while we are quarantined. So, let’s see what activities and things can be practised while under quarantine according to your zodiac sign.


Aries is full of energy and enthusiasm. They are very active and cannot sit idle. They need some or the other thing to work with. They need to utilise their energy in the right direction. So, these signs can opt for some physical activities or sports like jumping, aerobics, jogging, pulling weight from the things kept at home.


This sign being calm and peaceful are homely people. They like being home and spend time with their family. They can do yoga or meditation. They can utilise their time in singing their favourite songs which they have been missing out since so long. They have a sense of aesthetics so they indulge in crafts like painting. They also like to watch tv shows and movies with their family.


Gemini’s are multidimensional and lively. They have good communication skills and always have a hunger for learning new things. So, they can utilise their quarantine by reading books, listening to their favourite music, writing and learning new things which they have always wanted to learn. Various online portals are proving classes for the same. So, you can check one of these is dive into the world of exploring.


Cancerians are sensitive, loving and protective. So they are kitchen queens and kings. They would love to make and try new dishes and post them on Instagram or Facebook. They can also indulge in outdoor activities (PS: staying at home) by planting trees, growing organic food and do gardening while in quarantine. They are very creative they can try their hands in art and craft as well.


Leo’s are born leaders and quite influential. Sitting at home is not just their thing. They can use their skills in learning and discovering new talents through online learning. They can opt for a dance, music, Zumba or an art class to learn. They can also do mediation in free time.


Virgos can use their quarantine in playing board and indoor games like chess, ludo, puzzles, sudoku etc. they can also read a good book or a novel they have been trying to read since long. They can now connect with their old friends via video calls or sending them messages to meet once this is over.


Libras can now make full use of their free time by evoking the artist within them by giving a makeover to their home. They can indulge in the renovation of their house and can think of innovative ways to convert their old furniture, room and certain spaces that need some extra edge. So what are you waiting for give your room that personal touch which you have been thinking of? They can also practice meditation.


These are very passionate and diligent in their attitude. They can just sit back and relax with a cold drink and some snacks and watch movies and read books. As they are intense and secretive, they love movies which involve fear and suspense in them. The Scorpios know what they want to become and they know what they can do to achieve it. They can also ask their grandparents and parents to narrate them a story and thus practice peace.


They are free-spirited and adventurous people so staying home in not their cup of tea. But as it is the need of the hour, they can relieve themselves of the boredom by learning and discovering new things online. They can also write an article or learn a new language.


Capricorn’s can utilise their time by doing yoga and can also meditate and contemplate over how they can get to achieve their goals once the lockdown is over. They can also practice stress management and control their anger. They can walk in the house and also manage their finance and think of what plans to invest in which would yield them profit later. You can also help with the household chores like cleaning and washing.


They are very friendly and have a humanitarian approach towards others. They can now get along with their old friends and family which they couldn’t earlier because of the busy schedules over video calls or simple chat. They can read books also. They should indulge in colouring a good book which will make them remind the childhood days. They can also follow a skincare routine weekly and take care of their health. How about looking super glowing and fresh when you step out after the lockdown.


They are the laziest amongst all the signs. They love to sleep, eat and listen to music. But apart from this, they can try their hands-on art and painting which will reveal their artistic and creative side. They can also watch movies, play cards and help the people in the society staying nearby with some ration or medicines. They should also prepare a meal for their family which will give them mental peace and love.

So, now you know that you have a whole list of things to do during quarantine also. We can do without the luxuries in our life and live a simple life like we are right now. The nature is recovering and the birds are singing. The Mother Earth is happy and at peace. But saying all of the above, we want to come back to our normal lives soon. We should all pray to God to end this pandemic soon and we can live peacefully