Home is the place where our core belongs, a place we seek sanctuary after our grueling schedule, where we feel sheltered, and the place we respite. It is the place where we reside, and thus it carries all our happenings and reminiscences. Apart from all the blimey, it also bears all our emotional turbulences and can also become a spot for the negative energy to fill in due to the frequent undesirable happenings and the radiation emitted from it. Thus, there comes a time when our house also needs cleansing from all the stockpiled unwanted vigor like we as humans require at times. This can be achieved through the application of Reiki and also the use of the Reiki power symbol.



You can detect if your house requires cleaning, especially if it has been a long time since you last did Reiki, or you should consider performing Reiki if you never applied it to households. There is a possible accumulation of negativity if you notice the following symptoms in your abode.

You seek isolation frequently, prefer to be solitary. Alone time is considered healthy, but always seeking or experiencing sudden desires of seclusion is an indication of you being caught in a toxic environment. If you find yourself to be constantly complaining about your surroundings, your schedules and events, the people around you, and possibly everything, you basically are in a cycle of negative energy. A persistent sensation of agitation and restlessness is destructive for our mental and emotional health, and it is necessary to extinguish or reduce such feelings to maintain a balance with our health. Consistent feelings of anxiety and depression are another set of symptoms for a contaminated atmosphere, and most common above all the mentioned symptoms. These symptoms often need to be administered by a physician.  If you find usual communications with people become an exhausting process or become difficult for you, and takes a physical and emotional toll for you clearly warns you of the stagnant negative energy around you. It is because of the energy that keeps your mind occupied with soliloquies in between the interactions. A negative effect also could imply you becoming highly critical of yourself and others, as an output, creating an even more toxic surrounding around you, which requires attention.

While shifting into a new house, etheric energy needs to be cleared before accommodating. Etheric energy is the energy of the previous tenants of the house and the negative energy associated with it may lead to disturbances, as mentioned above, which requires washing off.



Known as Cho Ku Rei in Japanese, this Reiki symbol is used for numerous resolves. The recognition of the power symbol can be done by drawing a circlet, in a clockwise or anticlockwise course as desired. This symbol can be illusioned as a spiritual switch, once triggered, the Reiki energy can be harnessed and conducted.

These symbols can be used in a household to enlighten the atmosphere and also to boost kinship ties. You could draw the power symbols in the walls of your home or use them in a frame to draw away the stagnant and accumulated negative energy and fill it with the siphoned lifeforce energy. 



Reiki for cleaning purposes must be used in every corner of the house. The Reiki Seichem energy, the energy that binds the elements like air, fire, water, and earth, can be channeled by a Reiki master to obtain a balance in your house. You could also request the Reiki master to bless your abode. There are other techniques that can be used by you with the help of the power symbol.

Take your position in the center of the particular room needed for cleaning. Draw and visualize the Cho Ku Rei symbol in your palms. Clap your hands thrice, gently and enchant a sacred mantra silently with every soft clap. Now, make use of the harmony symbol by drawing it your palms and repeating the same process. This is done for harnessing the lifeforce energy. Place your hand on the heart and the solar plexus chakra until you can sense the strong flow of Reiki energy, as long as you wish.


Thus, house cleaning is one of the most beneficial applications of Reiki that can make our residence better and help us feel the tranquillity instilled in it.