Reiki is an alternate form of contemplation that intents at stress reduction and providing a sense of tranquillity and ease. Spiritual in nature, it aims to restore and create the physical, emotional, as well as the spiritual balance and welfare of the body, by tapping into the positive energy and fashioning a constructive aura, revitalizing the complete process. It is a painless and simple technique that can be learned and experienced by any individual being and can be applied to anybody, irrespective of the parameters of age, gender, origin or medical condition. Reiki is void of any specific belief, religion or dogmas and is completely mystical in nature, directly related to the Maker.



Money is a medium of exchange of goods and services and one of the chief reasons for one’s abundance. It is vital for buying food, housing, comfort, and luxury. It is true that money cannot buy you love or happiness, but it one of the most rudimentary needs for managing a domiciliary, conservation of a society, or administration and functioning of a country. Did you ever feel a stagnation of finance or the fear of losing your job? Or certain negative dogmas related to money that needs to be cleared up? Reiki surely can prove to be a boon for such issues.

 In Reiki, money in coins or as currencies is understood as the exhibition of the money frequency or money energy. Money Reiki is in fact an altogether different branch in Reiki developed by Stephanie Brail, so yes, Reiki can have a major positive influence over your prosperity. This study is related to the spiritual energy that is linked with money, clearing away financial blockages and negative aura and attracting opulence and wealth. Money Reiki does not make one rich, rather it is associated with clearing away financial issues and washing off the negative energy. The application of this field is essential for solving day to day financial issues and helps an individual to lead a life of prosperity.



Money Reiki can be practiced through certainly developed affirmations, by siphoning the specific energy related to money or through the use of money symbols. According to the Reiki tradition, one is consecrated with the creative power of the Divine creator and the unlimited available resources is one’s birthright. Through Reiki, one can tap into prosperity and attract anything that an individual truly wants in life and realize a heart’s desires. Money, harmony, affection, and happiness are simple forms of energy that exist in all consciousness and dominion of all breathing creatures. By projecting this energy, we can acquire the ability to change the things we create, balance emotions and establish a sense of harmony. There are collective universal laws governing abundance and prosperity. By letting go of all the negative auras, karmas and anything disruptive, we can use Reiki for invoking and magnetizing infinite blessings into one’s life, thus enhancing the quality of your life.



There are seven money symbols with which you can gain attunement. The symbols specifically are the dollar symbol, the euro symbol, manifestation and completion symbol, the golden pyramid symbol, clearing symbol, affirmation symbol, and grandmaster symbol. The Dollar symbol can be used by drawing the symbol on the backside of important documents, laptops, pens, cards, and so on. The euro symbol can be used in the same technique as mentioned above. The Completion symbol can be used in a Money Reiki box or to seal the energies of the four corners of the paper. The Pyramid symbol is used for clearing away negative karma about money and in the process of Money Reiki attunements. Having a three-dimensional symbol, it can be envisioned as a pyramid spinning on its base in a clockwise and can be used for removing negative karma from the present as well as a past life. The Clearing symbol can prove useful for issues like clearing of debts, loans, and so on. As the name suggests, the symbol of Affirmation can be used for making firm decisions and affirmations by writing it on a paper and drawing the symbol on the four corners of the paper. The final and most powerful symbol of Money Reiki is the grandmaster symbol. It is used to magnetize and object into a money magnet.