You belong to one of the most powerful Zodiac signs and hence dating you will not be very easy. You are pretty powerful, but you must remember that this power comes with a lot of responsibility.

You might just see all the positive traits of your partner when in love, thereby neglecting the negative ones. For you to enter into a successful relationship, you need to know about your partner’s traits.

You are pretty secretive, stubborn, and very intelligent. You love strongly and feel a lot. You tend to have long term relationships.

However, you protect yourself as well as the people around you a lot. You might appear mean and cruel but all you are is protective. You have a very small inner circle. Let’s take a look on Scorpio pros and Cons-

Here is a list of some advantages of dating a Scorpio. 

Pro of Dating Scorpio: Introduction

You are pretty intense but have a lot to offer to the dating world. You are normally misunderstood as your reputation controls you.

You are perfect lovers and have a lot of perspectives. Here is a list of the advantages of dating you.

Pro of Dating Scorpio: Independent

You are a water sign just like Pisces and Cancer. But you do not need anyone to take care of you or you don’t depend on anyone for a good lifestyle.

You adore handling yourself and are even good at it. you are pretty hardworking, smart as well as resourceful and work extra in order to achieve what you have planned. 

Pro of Dating Scorpio: Intuitive

You are very good at judging your partner’s feelings. You will read through your lover’s needs and provide them with whatever they need even before them asking for it.

You are very good in the bedroom. You can control the whole room very easily and are amazing at going through any sort of tricky situation. You can handle exes, step-kids as well as parents pretty smoothly.

Pro of Dating Scorpio: Good Decision Makers

You will know what you want almost always. You are so stubborn that you will fight for everything that you desire and are not pushovers.

You are good leaders when the environment around you is quiet and somewhat on the introvert side. You prefer being the voice and prefer to be asked the final say on huge matters.

Con of Dating Scorpio: Introduction

Like everyone, you too have certain flaws. It is important to address the flaws too, however, your lover must not think that your issues can outshine the fact that you have a lot to offer to them in a relationship.

By understanding all the issues or disadvantages of dating Scorpio, your partner will try to find ways to solve everything beforehand. This will create the love bond between you and your partner strong. 

Here is a list of some disadvantages of dating a Scorpio.

Con of Dating Scorpio: Mysterious

It is a task to take information out of you but this in a way adds to your charm. You will avoid talking about yourself and prefer to keep your past problems as well as dreams to yourself only. 

You are full of mystery and there are times when you start smiling secretively, looking as if you have a lot to hide. This is what might end up annoying your partner a lot.

Con of Dating Scorpio: Jealous and Possessive

You feel that you are the most important part of your world. You want your partner to make you feel important.

This creates a sense of belonging within yourself, something that holds a lot of importance in your life. However, this can make your partner as if you are controlling him/her. This is simply your way of feeling secure and fitting in with your partner. 

Con of Dating Scorpio: Lack of Trust

Calling you paranoid can really hurt your feelings. You are someone who will struggle with trust a lot.

You feel as if everyone is plotting against you or wants to backstab you. You will think that the worst will happen to you, no matter what. This nature of yours will make it very difficult for you to trust anyone, especially your partner. 

Con of Dating Scorpio: Human Lie Detector

Lying to you is just not possible. The smallest of the lie can hurt you so much that you end up getting upset.

You can see through your partner’s lies very easily and catch them every time they try to lie to you. You will ask your partner something that you already know just to check them.

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